Pearson Your Hagelin

Hi everyone, we're back and your regularly scheduled program will commence, same bat time, same bat channel for awhile. this week, we're diving like Corey Perry into: Where were we? Jim Rutherford extended (again) "The Trade" - Breaking down Hagelin for Pearson St. Louis Blues: Still Buffalo-West Nylander talk, because you're not sick of it yet! TRADE Nylander, you say? Coach Q & Chicaaaago Matt Murray & the Penguins' goaltending quandry Fun With Stats! Plus, Mailbag stuffed with cats, and more! Log into your emails and find us on the dark web: @HockeyNightPod (twitter, Insta, YouTube, Facebook - coming soon) @GoBrentUrself - Brenton @Sober_Stevens - Mike  

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