The Sports Reporters - Episode 180 - GSW place in history. Drake's shenanigans. And it's all about beating the bad teams in MLBMay 23, 2019 Listen
The Sports Reporters - Episode 179 - The Weekend that was in the NBA Playoffs & Brooks Koepka holds on to win the PGA ChampionshipMay 20, 2019 Listen
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The Sports Reporters - Episode 170 - NBA Playoffs. Everything seems to be going wrong for the Red Sox. And the Seahawks lock up WilsonApr 17, 2019 Listen
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The Sports Reporters - Episode 168 - Magic steps down in L.A. NBA Playoff pairings. Setting up the MastersApr 11, 2019 Listen
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The Sports Reporters - Episode 166 - Final Four set up. Concern for the Red Sox? And Westbrook's 20-20-20 night.Apr 04, 2019 Listen
The Sports Reporters - Episode 165 - Izzo slays mighty Coach K. Why the early games will matter in the AL East. And LeBron shuts it down.Apr 01, 2019 Listen
The Sports Reporters - Episode 164 - MLB's Opening Day. Will top seeds survive the Sweet 16? Did the NFL get it right with rule change?Mar 28, 2019 Listen
The Sports Reporters - Episode 163 - Where is Cinderella in this year's NCAA Tournament? Discussing Rob Gronkowski's career.Mar 25, 2019 Listen
The Sports Reporters - Episode 162 - College Basketball Oligarchs. Trout's record breaking deal. And how will the NFL punish Robert Kraft?Mar 21, 2019 Listen
The Sports Reporters - Episode 161 - 2019 NCAA Tournament picks and Breakdown. And is this LeBron James' worst season ever?Mar 18, 2019 Listen
The Sports Reporters - Episode 160 - Discussing the OBJ trade... Will it define Dave Gettleman and the Giants? How good will the Browns be?Mar 14, 2019 Listen
The Sports Reporters - Episode 159 - Winners and losers of the A.B. trade. The fascinating NBA regular season. And bad timing for NCAA BasketballMar 11, 2019 Listen
The Sports Reporters - Episode 158 - LeBron passes MJ but is he losing Lakers fans? And who's the headliner in this year's NFL draft?Mar 07, 2019 Listen
The Sports Reporters - Episode 157 - Major headlines in the NBA, NFL and MLBMar 04, 2019 Listen
Bryce Harper to the Phillies, LeBron and the Lakers, and Kyler at the combineMar 01, 2019 Listen
The Robert Kraft mess, To sign or not to sign...what will Bryce Harper do?Feb 25, 2019 Listen
Should Zion sit? Kyrie THINKS he's Harden and what now for Bryce Harper?Feb 22, 2019 Listen
The GLORIFIED shoot around, The TOXIC environment, NFL settles with Kaepernick and Reid & the latest on Harper & MachadoFeb 18, 2019 Listen
Ep 152: The New Orleans dumpster fire, Adam Silver has quite a task in front of him & the Michael vs. LeBron debateFeb 15, 2019 Listen
Ep 151: The NBA's Eastern Conference just got interesting, Kyrie Irving is an odd duck & Harper & Machado: where do they end up?Feb 11, 2019 Listen
Ep 150: NBA Trade Deadline Recap, Those days are GONE & He's too thin skinned and SHOULDN'T come to New YorkFeb 08, 2019 Listen
Ep 149: Super Bowl 53 RecapFeb 04, 2019 Listen
Ep 148: Porzingis trade reaction and the 2 decade dumpster fire, The RETURN of The King, Super Bowl 53 PreviewFeb 01, 2019 Listen
Ep 147: Even DEAD players want to play for the Lakers, It's the cool kid theory of the NBA & let the Super Bowl madness beginJan 28, 2019 Listen
Ep 146: We STILL haven't heard from the NFL, He got over himself a long time ago, He's the most unwatchable excellence, I don't think there is collusion of any kind & It's UNANIMOUSJan 25, 2019 Listen
Ep 145: Championship Weekend Recap: Another legacy game for Tom Brady & They got SCREWED!!!! They oughta be in the Super BowlJan 21, 2019 Listen
Ep 144: They ARE the chameleon team, Will the Patriots be THE Patriots & He is messing up basketball EVERYWHEREJan 18, 2019 Listen
Ep 143: He was NEVER more a star than he was yesterday, He put that confidence in us & Money MIGHT buy happiness...just not a trophyJan 14, 2019 Listen
Ep 142: The old men of the NFL, The Saints over St. Nick? & Did Clemson win it or did Bama lose it?Jan 11, 2019 Listen
Ep 141: St. Nick does it AGAIN, One of these games had to come down to a kick, the hilarity of @CaptAndrewLuck & Bama vs. Clemson for all the marblesJan 07, 2019 Listen
Ep 140: The GREATEST offensive player EVER??? & an NFL Playoffs PreviewJan 04, 2019 Listen
Ep 139: NFL Week 17 Recap, Notre Dame LOVES their independence & Can Kyler Murray play in the NFL?Dec 31, 2018 Listen
Ep 138: Do they even know how to punt?, Will he stay or will he go?, Win or Go Home, LBJ injured & can the Warriors fix it?Dec 28, 2018 Listen
Ep 137: Merry Christmas from The Sports Reporters, What was Tomlin thinking?!?!?!?, That's the NFL & Reaction to LeBron's commentsDec 24, 2018 Listen
Ep 136: He knew the consequences, What the hell was that about?, Are we buying or selling? & "Flipping" on National Signing DayDec 21, 2018 Listen
Ep 135: J.J. Watt is great again, Pats falter in The Steel City, What a win for the defending champs and the Colts beat the CowboysDec 17, 2018 Listen
Ep 134: Philip Rivers is a LEGITIMATE MVP candidate, Defending Kirk Cousins? & I WILL be watching that game on Sunday!Dec 14, 2018 Listen
Ep 133: Miracle in Miami, Week 14 recap and the Hall of Fame elected who???Dec 10, 2018 Listen
Ep 132: This was a MAJOR hit, Reaction to Urban Meyer's retirement, Who deserves the Heisman? & LBJ wants Melo to join him in LADec 07, 2018 Listen
Ep 131: We were cheated out of our DOOMSDAY scenario, The investigative arm of the NFL is...TMZ? & The end of the line for Mike McCarthyDec 03, 2018 Listen
Ep 130: How 'bout them Cowboys!!!, It's CHAMPIONSHIP Weekend & That's enough DrakeNov 30, 2018 Listen
Ep 129: Is your loss a disqualifier? Georgia controls the chaos, We HAVE to nitpick & Pop pops offNov 26, 2018 Listen
Ep 128: Mitch, your team stinks, Thanksgiving Day Recap and what's next for the Warriors?Nov 23, 2018 Listen
Ep 127: We've seen Super Bowl hangovers before...BUT!, the Saints have college-ized professional football, THIS was EVERYTHING we love about College FootballNov 19, 2018 Listen
Ep 126: THAT guy cost his team a championship, Carmelo has become the plus 1 & They have to run the table to make the playoffs Nov 16, 2018 Listen
Ep 125: The Saints go marching in again and again and again, Jimmy Butler gets what he wants and has Carmelo worn out his welcome in Houston?Nov 12, 2018 Listen
Ep 124: The curse of Carmelo, Are we seeing another Fab Five? & The return of Dez (Before he got hurt)Nov 09, 2018 Listen
Ep 123: The Battle of the 12's and a Week 9 Recap, Everyone wildly overestimated the Lakers this year & Dad, at least you finally got one...Nov 05, 2018 Listen
Ep 122: The REVENGE Tour, Do you think this is a preview of the NFC Championship Game?, Who is "DYING" to play for the Raiders? & High Scoring in the NBANov 02, 2018 Listen
Ep 121: THAT is a HUGE play in the dynamic of this baseball game, This is a guy who New York will hate from the 1st inning on & Is Aaron Rodgers not The Heartbreak Kid of the NFL?Oct 29, 2018 Listen
Ep 120: I don't think we truly appreciate how good this Red Sox team is, You are what your record says you are and the return of Arli$$ to the podcastOct 26, 2018 Listen
Ep 119: Different Layers of LA: From the Rams to the Dodgers to the Lakers, Plus NFL Week 7 Review, College Football Spotlight, and NBA talkOct 22, 2018 Listen
Ep 118: Creepy LaRussa-ism in the MLB Playoffs, NFL Week 7 Preview, and some College Football games to watch this weekendOct 19, 2018 Listen
Ep 117: Mr. Rodgers Strikes Again, MLB Playoffs, NBA Preview: Kyrie is ready to go.Oct 16, 2018 Listen
Ep 116: Oh. My. God! It's going to happen, Alex Bregman: Baseball Player & This is why you don't let television run the worldOct 12, 2018 Listen
Ep 115: How much more do we need to see?, HOLY $%!* the Bengals are 4-1!?!?!?, A MLB career in the shadows & A crazy weekend of College Football actionOct 08, 2018 Listen
EP 114: It wasn't that much of a gamble, Yelich stays hot, MLB Playoffs and Have the Pats righted the ship?Oct 05, 2018 Listen
Ep 113: It's Opening Day for October!, Are the Monsters of the Midway back?, Is it over in Pittsburgh?, James Franklin is to blame!!! & A DISASTER in FranceOct 01, 2018 Listen
Ep 112: We need a young, dynamic team like this, Is this the year Jason Garrett doesn't survive? and Eric Reid gets a jobSep 28, 2018 Listen
Ep 111: Tiger-mania, The Bills did what? and Baseball enters the home stretchSep 24, 2018 Listen
Ep 110: It's Christmas morning...in ClevelandSep 21, 2018 Listen
Ep 109: It's a stupid callSep 17, 2018 Listen
Ep 108: The most compelling race in baseball, To sit or not to sit Aaron Rodgers and TCU vs. OSUSep 14, 2018 Listen
Ep 107: Prospects are Suspects & The Serena Situation with guest panelist Robert WuhlSep 10, 2018 Listen
Ep 106: Football is back!Sep 07, 2018 Listen
Ep 105: Saban sorry? Federer falters and the NFL is close to kicking offSep 04, 2018 Listen
Ep 104: Not the news the NFL wanted to hear & Nothing like this will ever happen againAug 31, 2018 Listen
Ep 103: Is there still a last chapter to be written in the AL East? The story of Sam & SaquonAug 27, 2018 Listen
Ep 102: 3 Games?!?!?!?!Aug 24, 2018 Listen
Ep 101: The Wonder of the Oakland A's, How long will it take for the NFL to change the helmet rule? & The Joker is what?Aug 20, 2018 Listen
Ep 100: Where is Commissioner Manfred? Dump Durkin? and The Loss of a QueenAug 17, 2018 Listen
Ep 99: He did a Tiger thing against TigerAug 13, 2018 Listen
Ep 98: Football is Back and the shuffling of the golf scheduleAug 10, 2018 Listen
Ep 97: The BoSox sweep The Bronx Bombers and what to make of Dak Prescott's commentsAug 06, 2018 Listen
Ep 96: The larger issue is this...Aug 03, 2018 Listen
Ep 95: When past tweeting come back to haunt, Which NFL QB is under the most pressure and Tom Brady storms offJul 30, 2018 Listen
Ep 94: There goes the Judge, Training Camps open & Belichick vs. ShaugnessyJul 27, 2018 Listen
Ep 93: You owe it to the guys who win the tournamentJul 23, 2018 Listen
Ep 92: The unpredictability of The British Open, They call him Melo Yellow and the lefty who has the most valueJul 20, 2018 Listen
Ep 91: Vive la France!, The Return of The Djoker and The "halfway" point of the MLB seasonJul 16, 2018 Listen
Ep 90: Can the Yankees bash their way to a title? World Cup and Wimbledon reactionJul 13, 2018 Listen
Ep 89: The best World Cup ever? The case for Max Muncy and Where does Melo land?Jul 09, 2018 Listen
Ep 88: The continued head scratching of LeBron's move to LAJul 06, 2018 Listen
Ep 87: LA-Bron, what's next for the Lakers, how do the Sixers and Celtics fill the void, World Cup and MLB TalkJul 02, 2018 Listen
Ep 86: NBA Free Agency, World Cup analysis and Yanks and Red Sox square offJun 29, 2018 Listen
Ep 85: A different kind of Cup Crazy, Julian Edelman and the Bryce PryceJun 25, 2018 Listen
Ep 84: NBA Draft Recap, Oh Jameis and Crazy for the World Cup?Jun 22, 2018 Listen
Ep 83: Quit your crying & Kawhi bumps LeBron off the topic listJun 18, 2018 Listen
Ep 82: After 1 round Shinnecock is the winner of The US Open, NBA Draft preview & deAL deGrom?Jun 15, 2018 Listen
Ep 81: The next chapter for The King, The King of Clay and TJ for ShoheiJun 11, 2018 Listen
Ep 80: Cap-turing The Cup, We all know how this story ends and Colangelo out in PhillyJun 08, 2018 Listen
Ep 79: Warriors roll, can the Cavs recover and a really fun baseball season is happeningJun 04, 2018 Listen
Ep 78: Are the refs to blame? JR's brain cramp and Bryan "Burner" Colangelo and the mess in PhillyJun 01, 2018 Listen
Ep 77: The NBA Finals are setMay 29, 2018 Listen
Ep 76: The Rockets take off, where is KD, Cavs-Celtics and the NFL's anthem policyMay 25, 2018 Listen
Ep 75: The return of Steph, The Golden Knights are headed to the Cup Final and the Shohei Kid continues to impressMay 21, 2018 Listen
Ep 74: The legalization of Sports Betting, Who can step up for the Cavs and Oh no! Robbie CanoMay 18, 2018 Listen
Ep 73: Celtics thump Cavs, Can anyone really beat the Warriors, Tiger at The TPC and October baseball needs the Shohei KidMay 14, 2018 Listen
Ep 72: The final four teams in the NBA, the Yankees and Red Sox gave us exactly what we wanted and Big Ben: mentor or selfish?May 11, 2018 Listen
Ep 71: NBA Playoffs recap and the Yankees and Red Sox are on a collision courseMay 07, 2018 Listen
Ep 70: Raptors close to extinction? Celtics show what they are made of and Matt Ryan becomes a 30 million dollar manMay 04, 2018 Listen
Ep 69: The King and his court, an old school rivalry returns and recapping the NFL Draft Apr 30, 2018 Listen
Ep 68: The Pick Is In! First round recap and the NBA got it wrong!Apr 27, 2018 Listen
Ep 67: There goes that man again, NFL Draft talk, the Astros take flight and the Red Sox get no-hitApr 23, 2018 Listen
Ep 66: Lebron can't do it alone. The Spurs sad farewell. Embiid makes Philly Phormidable. The Red Sox are 16-2? Why does Josh Allen both scare and excite people?Apr 20, 2018 Listen
Ep 65: Cavs down 0-1, Celtics playing with house money and why oh why Kawhi?Apr 16, 2018 Listen
Ep 64: NBA playoffs - could Warriors or Cavs stumble? Is Philly ready? Did Kap get jobbed by Seattle or the NFL? Is this NFL draft the most intriguing ever? And the Amazin' Mets!Apr 13, 2018 Listen
Ep 63: Young bucks at Masters. Tiger-mania deflates. Ohtani wins, Stanton whiffs. Could the 76ers surprise? And could the Warrior be a first-round victim?Apr 09, 2018 Listen
Ep 62: Masters Mania, but does Tiger merit the spotlight? Kyrie's out: did Lebron just make the Finals again? Oh-Oh-Ohtani! Will other two-wayers follow? Apr 06, 2018 Listen
Ep 61: Who wins UM-Villanova? Will Masters be non-stop Tiger? All eyes on Shohei Ohtani. And what a finish (twice) by Notre Dame.Apr 02, 2018 Listen
Ep 60: Baseball is BACK, The Rockets are running away from the field and what to do with Odell Beckham JrMar 30, 2018 Listen
Ep 59: Final 4: Three blue bloods and a miracle. Should NFL owners rule on anthem protests? Yankees are team to watch - but will they win? And can anyone beat the karma of Sister Jean?Mar 26, 2018 Listen
Ep 58: Don't drink the poison, Sister Jean rolls on and the Beasts of the EastMar 23, 2018 Listen
Ep 57: No. 16 beats No. 1. NOW what in NCAA's? Tiger charges, but Rory won. And did Jets give up too much for a QB draft pick?Mar 19, 2018 Listen
Ep 56: Tourney Talk, NFL Free Agency, The Arms Race in the AL East & Harden or Davis?Mar 16, 2018 Listen
Ep 55: Has the tournament show ended yet? Best player in college hoops? Tiger - hoopla or heroics? NFL free agency- the real March madness!Mar 12, 2018 Listen
Ep 54: It's LeBron's world, the Madness is starting to build and Parting ShotsMar 09, 2018 Listen
Ep 53: March Madness, or just madness? Cavs are .500 since trades. Would you take Saquon Barkley No. 1? Phil wins! Phil Wins!Mar 05, 2018 Listen
Ep 52: Tanking madness! Combine madness! NFL quarterback shuffle. And why is everyone in college hoops denying the FBI probe findings? Mar 02, 2018 Listen
Ep 51: LeBron rips refs, more NCAA fallout and the Winter Olympics comes to a closeFeb 26, 2018 Listen
Ep 50: Madness in NCAA. Just pay them all? Pitino's hollow complaints. NBA Tanking - evil or wise? Olympics, high (hockey) and low (skating).Feb 23, 2018 Listen
Ep 49: Should any athlete “shut up and dribble? NBA ASG too much hype over hoops? LeBron as statesman. USA Winter Woe. Does Hosmer deal settle collusion talk?Feb 19, 2018 Listen
Ep 48: When will Lonzo reach his breaking point? Your 2018 NBA Champion Houston Rockets? and should NHL players be at the Olympics?Feb 16, 2018 Listen
Ep 47: The NEW Cavs, Pop or bust? What collusion?Feb 12, 2018 Listen
Ep 46: Cavs making moves, Jimmy G gets paid & do you still watch the Winter Olympics?Feb 09, 2018 Listen
EP 45: Super Bowl 52 recapFeb 05, 2018 Listen
Ep 44: Super Bowl Preview with WEEI's Dale ArnoldFeb 02, 2018 Listen
Ep 43: Mich. State fallout. Is Belichick the GOAT? Tiger vs. Federer & an XFL Reboot.Jan 29, 2018 Listen
Ep 42: Bonds, Clemens may never make the Hall. Is NBA's pick-up All Star game part of new soap opera approach? Will Foles wilt in the Super Bowl? And the Larry Nassar abuse case is bigger than you think.Jan 26, 2018 Listen
Ep 41: Did Jags choke up SB chance? Is it Brady or Belichick? What happened to the Vikes? Is Nick Foles underrated? What coach goes where? And who will be next year's Jags? Jan 22, 2018 Listen
Ep 40: If Brady's hurt, is it NE's nightmare? How did Jax get this good this fast? Eagles-Vikes like a mirror image. Who makes the Super Bowl? And should All Star Games be abolished?Jan 19, 2018 Listen
Ep 39: Did that really happen? Vikings ending one for the ages. Poor Marcus Williams? Was Tomlin to blame for Steelers exit? Does Foles have a chance against Minny defense? And is the final four really Bortles, Keenum, Foles - and Brady? Jan 15, 2018 Listen
Ep 38: Saban's moxie wins him a title. Will Foles fold in Philly? Winner of Minn-N.O. goes to Super Bowl? Brady soap opera won't slow Pats. And is the Rooney rule in the NFL a joke? Jan 12, 2018 Listen
Ep 37: Tide vs Dawgs! Saban as GOAT. Was Cam rushed back in? Falcons found their mojo? Brady's 40 - hey, Brees is 39! Eagles an underdog? And is Gruden worth 100 mil?Jan 08, 2018 Listen
Ep 36: Brady, Belichick, Kraft: Trouble in Patriot Paradise? Golden State rolling, Cavs still searching, Draymond: love or loathe? Why are NFL ratings really down? Can Saints foil Cam 3 times in one season? And now we learn if the Rams are for realJan 05, 2018 Listen
Ep 35: Holy crap, what a Georgia-Okla game! Guess Alabama DID deserve that last spot. Gate crashers to the NFL playoffs. And which NFL head coaching job would you want? Jan 02, 2018 Listen
Ep 34: Biggest story of 2017? Biggest star? Tide-Clemson III, here we go. Oh, yeah, Georgia-Oklahoma. Can Falcons save themselves? Will Buffalo get a new year's miracle? And a few resolutions for sports media. Dec 29, 2017 Listen
Ep 33: Lebron-KD and the Christmas no-call. Are Eagles a phony No. 1 seed now? Seattle puzzles, Atlanta fizzles. Is Brady not Brady? Are Ravens a dark horse? And should DH's be in the Hall of Fame?Dec 26, 2017 Listen
Ep 32: Is there a rift in New England? The Basketball Hall nominees are in and the loss of a giantDec 22, 2017 Listen
Ep 31: Brady bests Ben again. A piece of paper kills Oakland? Honestly? Rodgers can't save it after all. Panthers owner bails out. And what is Kobe's true legacy?Dec 18, 2017 Listen
Ep 30: Showdown in Pittsburgh. Ben chasing Brady. Rodgers not back to save season - yeah, right. Big Baller hits the road - to Lithuania?Dec 15, 2017 Listen
Ep 29: What does Wentz's injury mean for Eagles, the Yankees are hated again and Duke goes downDec 11, 2017 Listen
Ep 28: Can the Falcons "Rise Up", Wentz vs. Goff, Giancarlo Stanton on the move?Dec 08, 2017 Listen
Ep 27: The CFP got it right! Is 'Bama actually the favorite? Jimbo Fisher strikes it rich - but why? Gronk's gotta go. And Seattle slaps the Eagles - a harbinger of things to come?Dec 04, 2017 Listen
Ep 26: College football madness - who’s still standing on Sunday? Eli’s end or Giants folly? LeBron carries the load again. And was that Tiger back on the greens?Dec 01, 2017 Listen
Ep 25: The Doomsday Scenario in College Football, NFL Week 12 reaction, Schiano in and then out at Tennessee and Parting ShotsNov 27, 2017 Listen
Ep 24: Iron Bowl, baby! Can Auburn crash the party? Cowboys are toast (and Jerry knows it.) Case Keenum is for real. And is the NFL an inferior product this year - or are those anthem protests hurting?Nov 24, 2017 Listen
Ep 23: How do the Vikings do it? Eagles home free? Dallas done? Lavar Ball takes on the President and vice-versa. And what's with Baker Mayfield?Nov 20, 2017 Listen
Ep 22: What price should UCLA players pay? Jerry vs Roger is getting ugly! Two-and-done better for college hoops? Eagles go for kill vs. Dallas! Philly and New York relevant again in NBA?Nov 17, 2017 Listen
Ep 21: Shake up the College rankings! Are those really the Saints? And the Rams? Marcellus Bennet is miraculously healed! And how are the Celtics doing it?Nov 13, 2017 Listen
Ep 20: Irish-Hurricanes a big deal again! Is Goodell doomed? Zeke takes a seat. And how much trouble is UCLA’s Ball in?Nov 10, 2017 Listen
Ep 19: NFL goes MMA! Will Zeke beat the system? Wentz, Goff, new QB stars. Bye, bye, Big Ten. Lonzo, shoot better! And should Kap be in an NFL meeting?Nov 06, 2017 Listen
Ep 18: All Hail Houston! Down goes Deshaun. Is Brady a cyborg? Does Notre Dame deserve No. 3? Why are the new Cavs adding up to less? Plus, parting shots!Nov 03, 2017 Listen
Ep 17: Best Series ever? Houston kneels, then falls. Ohio State ahead of Notre Dame? Russell Wilson’s solo act. And Why do 76er rookies keep dropping?Oct 30, 2017 Listen
Ep 16: The endless search for the guy who doesn't have it, Joe Girardi's legacy, dirty hits and love for Lonzo?Oct 27, 2017 Listen
Ep 15: THE BAND IS BACK TOGETHER: A classic Fall Classic? Is Harbaugh failing to deliver? Kyrie mouths off. Pats right the ship. And Penn State's long road back. Oct 23, 2017 Listen
Ep 14: Dodger-mania! Lonzo gets faced! Is Notre Dame for real? A watered down Super Bowl rematch, and is Harbaugh's image on the line vs. Penn State?Oct 20, 2017 Listen
Ep 13: A bad break for Rodgers, Is it collusion?, The return of Big Ben and Lebron James: Master ChefOct 16, 2017 Listen
Ep 12: Cubs shock, Yanks are back, Jordan's "garbage" comments, Is Zeke really gone? and protests vs. NFL's pocketbook.Oct 13, 2017 Listen
Ep 11: Aaron Rodgers is Willie Mays, Life on Planet Tuscaloosa and LONG LIVE BASEBALL!!!!!!!Oct 09, 2017 Listen
Ep 10: Cam Newton, Jose Altuve, Lavar Ball, the Astros and Indians, the Packers and Cowboys go at it again, Stafford-Newton and Deshaun vs. Alex. Plus Parting Shots on Pitino and Johnny Manziel.Oct 06, 2017 Listen
Ep 9: Finally, October baseball!, biggest surprises after 4 NFL weeks, Cam Newton raises game and fist, OJ is released, were the Lions paid not to protest, NBA players must stand for anthem, and should Clemson be No. 1? Oct 02, 2017 Listen
Ep 8: Could FBI end college hoops? Why Green Bay fan protest fizzled. Trevathan not tossed? Cam Newton vs. Tom Brady, Dwayne + Lebron open for biz Sep 29, 2017 Listen
Ep 7: Trump vs. the NFL, Steph vs. Trump, Were the Lions jobbed?, What's with OBJ's doggie dance? Carmelo goes west, Wade thinking Cleveland, and are the Cubs sniffing it again? Sep 25, 2017 Listen
Ep 6: Bob Ryan returns! Does Aaron Hernandez change the CTE debate? Why is Kevin Durant so tweet-happy? Did Boston unload damaged goods with Isiah Thomas? Can the Lions and Falcons do what hasn't been done? And Justin Verlander - wow.Sep 22, 2017 Listen
Ep 5: Is Brady better than ever? Would you hire Roger Goodell again? Why doesn't Carmelo get to play with whoever he wants? Plus, Week 2 in the NFL, Dabo and the Tigers, the Dodgers right the ship, and our parting shots.Sep 18, 2017 Listen
Ep 4: Bill Rhoden is back!!!! Politics in sportscasting, can racism cost you season tickets?, Deshaun Watson’s rush job and oh, the Tribe!Sep 15, 2017 Listen
Ep 3: NFL Week 1, Brian Kelly vs. The Media and MLB Pennant RacesSep 11, 2017 Listen
Ep 2: We're back! NFL Season kicks off, Will he or won't he?, For the Love of Baseball and Parting ShotsSep 08, 2017 Listen
Ep 1: The Sports Reporters ReturnAug 31, 2017 Listen