Fledgling Air Force cybersecurity office stressed by CRNov 22, 2017 Listen
IG community looks to put 'teeth behind the bark' with subpoena powerNov 22, 2017 Listen
IGs should focus on agency capabilities, program outcomesNov 22, 2017 Listen
Long-time civil servant takes on cyber at DHSNov 22, 2017 Listen
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115th Congress has little to show for its effortsNov 21, 2017 Listen
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DoD marks successful EHR rollout at initial sites, but long road ahead to full deploymentNov 21, 2017 Listen
GAO says agencies not meeting DATA Act requirementsNov 21, 2017 Listen
ODNI developing comprehensive continuous evaluation capabilities for agencies in 2018Nov 21, 2017 Listen
Anti-harassment advocates hope mandated training will help Congress lead by exampleNov 20, 2017 Listen
HUD's new CIO jumps from industry to federal serviceNov 20, 2017 Listen
What's the future of special forces warfare?Nov 20, 2017 Listen
Who keeps CMS' $700M budget running smoothly?Nov 20, 2017 Listen
Will Congress' budget decision trigger sequestration?Nov 20, 2017 Listen
Agency progress to modernize IT systems languishes as new MGT Act headed to White HouseNov 16, 2017 Listen
Congress orders DoD to study changes to its officer promotion systemNov 16, 2017 Listen
Don't keep details of performance reviews from courtNov 16, 2017 Listen
Is the Census Bureau ready for 2020 count?Nov 16, 2017 Listen
Now's the time to pick your federal health planNov 16, 2017 Listen
Under 10-year Cerner contract, VA to follow DoDs same EHR implementation pathNov 16, 2017 Listen
Website offers overview of government's 300+ labsNov 16, 2017 Listen
Your security clearance takes more than 100 days because of this 3-year-old decisionNov 16, 2017 Listen
Here's a blueprint for lasting technology reformsNov 15, 2017 Listen
New Intelligence Community website shining light on workforce, makes info search easierNov 15, 2017 Listen
What NDAA has to say about procurement, bid protestsNov 15, 2017 Listen
Why OPM is warning against DoD reclaiming the security clearance processNov 15, 2017 Listen
Congress zeroes in on NDAA, tax reform debateNov 14, 2017 Listen
DoD anti-hacker program uncovers 3,000 bugsNov 14, 2017 Listen
Energy Department seeks low-cost desalination solutionsNov 14, 2017 Listen
How have agencies improved their email security?Nov 14, 2017 Listen
OFPP drafts memo to replace category management circularNov 14, 2017 Listen
Afghanistan oversight avoids overlapping effortsNov 13, 2017 Listen
Army wants cyber contract times to decrease with acquisition revampNov 13, 2017 Listen
GSA gets fiscal 2018 rolling with major procurement initiativesNov 13, 2017 Listen
Internet pioneer take longview of cybersecurityNov 13, 2017 Listen
Would-be pharmacist turned IRS lawyer honored for her leadership skillsNov 13, 2017 Listen
Boulder Crest helps recovering veterans reassimilateNov 10, 2017 Listen
National lands honoring veterans face maintenance backlogNov 10, 2017 Listen
VA's Shulkin calls for new, strategic approach to veterans benefits programsNov 10, 2017 Listen
4 takeaways from the 2017 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey resultsNov 09, 2017 Listen
Adding more FEHB options may not lower health care costs, GAO saysNov 09, 2017 Listen
NDAA busts budget caps with $626 billion for defenseNov 09, 2017 Listen
What happens when a federal employee 'flips the bird?'Nov 09, 2017 Listen
Applications open for Patents for Humanity AwardsNov 08, 2017 Listen
IRS' Koskinen blames Congress for agency budget woesNov 08, 2017 Listen
Lifelong learner new NAPA inducteeNov 08, 2017 Listen
As Congress gets closer to final NDAA, Amazon provision remains a real possibilityNov 07, 2017 Listen
Big talk, but few details in State's reorg planNov 07, 2017 Listen
Border wall not a dead issue on Capitol HillNov 07, 2017 Listen
First big winner of DIUx contract says OTA process let it break traditional vendors veto powerNov 07, 2017 Listen
How veterans can get a discharge upgradeNov 07, 2017 Listen
How veterans can get a discharge upgradeNov 07, 2017 Listen
Government needs to do more to fill talent gapNov 06, 2017 Listen
House Democrats take Trump administration to court over GSA leaseNov 06, 2017 Listen
House Democrats take Trump administration to court over GSA leaseNov 06, 2017 Listen
Industry, federal leaders explore procurement reformNov 06, 2017 Listen
Who pays for combined state, federal wildfire effort?Nov 06, 2017 Listen
Facebook seeks new hires with security clearancesNov 03, 2017 Listen
First look: 2017 military lifestyle survey finds families feel isolatedNov 03, 2017 Listen
NIH rolls out new tool to treat alcoholismNov 03, 2017 Listen
Planning for life and work after you retireNov 03, 2017 Listen
With fast-moving evidence-based policy bill, agencies may add new C-suite memberNov 03, 2017 Listen
Category management helped agencies save $500 million on mobile devices, servicesNov 02, 2017 Listen
Lessons learned during 2020 Census prep already shaping next decennial countNov 02, 2017 Listen
Patrick Peterson: 80 percent of agencies still lack spear phishing protectionNov 02, 2017 Listen
Tom Spoehr: Where US military faces areas of weaknessNov 02, 2017 Listen
'You should be outraged,' Cardin says of federal pay and benefits proposalsNov 01, 2017 Listen
Getting the most out of employee surveysNov 01, 2017 Listen
MGT Act poised to become law via NDAANov 01, 2017 Listen
Navy plan for CDO has been stagnant for almost a year as potential benefits pass byNov 01, 2017 Listen
Agencies failing to comply with Small Business Act requirementsOct 31, 2017 Listen
House considers tax reform bill and moreOct 31, 2017 Listen
Hurricanes highlight need for IT modernization, culture change in federal tech officesOct 31, 2017 Listen
Will GAOs decision to charge $350 per filing stop frivolous protests?Oct 31, 2017 Listen
'Perfect storm' brewing around EIS contract, IT modernizationOct 30, 2017 Listen
DoD IG sees big improvement in employee satisfactionOct 30, 2017 Listen
Security update on SEC's data standardOct 30, 2017 Listen
Why senior managers are worried about their workforcesOct 30, 2017 Listen
Work continues under continuing resolutionOct 30, 2017 Listen
Are the concerns about Kaspersky Lab software the tip of the cyber iceberg awaiting agencies?Oct 27, 2017 Listen
Finding the right people to care for lab animalsOct 27, 2017 Listen
Heading off management disasters at NASAOct 27, 2017 Listen
IRS looks to reverse 'bad decision-making' with updated management practicesOct 27, 2017 Listen
Office of Naval Research goes lean on innovationOct 27, 2017 Listen
Steve Blank: Speeding up innovationOct 27, 2017 Listen
Steve Blank: Speeding up innovationOct 27, 2017 Listen
How can agencies close the cybersecurity gap?Oct 26, 2017 Listen
When IDIQ contracts go wrongOct 26, 2017 Listen
Coast Guard targets fake mayday callersOct 25, 2017 Listen
Coast Guard targets fake mayday callersOct 25, 2017 Listen
Defense Innovation Board takes on military personnel policiesOct 25, 2017 Listen
Here are solutions to easing IT modernization effortOct 25, 2017 Listen
Major steps taken, challenges remain in SBAs management and performance reportOct 25, 2017 Listen
Major steps taken, challenges remain in SBAs management and performance reportOct 25, 2017 Listen
PMF applications open annual hunt for future government leadersOct 25, 2017 Listen
Cross-agency collaboration does improve performanceOct 24, 2017 Listen
Death and taxes front-of-mind for Congress?Oct 24, 2017 Listen
Does VA need its own BRAC?Oct 24, 2017 Listen
Security, privacy, usability: The 3 legs of Login.gov platformOct 24, 2017 Listen
Senate mulls subpoena after White House cybersecurity coordinator declines to testifyOct 24, 2017 Listen
DoD aims for more open communications with industryOct 23, 2017 Listen
GAO gives IRS report card on modernization effortOct 23, 2017 Listen
How new electronic records system will help VA, DoDOct 23, 2017 Listen
ICE agent scans darknet for cybercrimesOct 23, 2017 Listen
Senate passes budget resolution without instructions for retirement cutsOct 23, 2017 Listen
DoD in discussions with vendors to simplify cloud security rulesOct 20, 2017 Listen
IRS estimates info of 100M Americans already stolen prior to Equifax breachOct 20, 2017 Listen
Army scientists find way to extract hydrogen from urineOct 19, 2017 Listen
Contractor coalition goes after proposed defense procurement changesOct 19, 2017 Listen
HHS looks into 'Blockchain' technology for further research and developmentOct 19, 2017 Listen
Labor's contract compliance office under scrutinyOct 19, 2017 Listen
Nearly all big agencies struggling with cybersecurityOct 19, 2017 Listen
Push for a new federal statistical agencyOct 19, 2017 Listen
Senate leader threatens hold on OPM director's nominationOct 19, 2017 Listen
Army looking at creating deployment pay to keep soldiers in shapeOct 18, 2017 Listen
Concerns grow about protecting private info on federal websitesOct 18, 2017 Listen
How good are agencies at improving customer experience?Oct 18, 2017 Listen
Why the transition didn't stop the SEC from improving employee engagement for a 5th yearOct 18, 2017 Listen
Back in town, Senate focuses on 2018 budgetOct 17, 2017 Listen
Could updated controls from NIST drive up cloud security costs?Oct 17, 2017 Listen
Cybersecurity triggers economic boomOct 17, 2017 Listen
USGS helps identify misplaced fishOct 17, 2017 Listen
Army faces challenge of onboarding 80K new soldiersOct 16, 2017 Listen
Commerce Secretary: Higher Census 2020 price tag needed for 'significant course correction'Oct 16, 2017 Listen
SES uncertain about talent retention, own leadership qualities.Oct 16, 2017 Listen
Slow acquisition process hinders cyber defenseOct 16, 2017 Listen
What's GSA got in store for contractors this year?Oct 16, 2017 Listen
Army command bolsters U.S. interests in AfricaOct 13, 2017 Listen
Army Materiel Command prepositions supply chainOct 13, 2017 Listen
Congress revives debate on who should process DoD background checksOct 13, 2017 Listen
DoD wants to cut contracting time by 50 percent as part of AT&L splitOct 13, 2017 Listen
Library of Congress grows digital collectionOct 13, 2017 Listen
Appealing to a contracting officer can be problematicOct 12, 2017 Listen
Army seeks a few 'quick wins' in pursuit of IT networks that can withstand enemy attackOct 12, 2017 Listen
DHS' long journey toward improvementOct 13, 2017 Listen
National Guard facing training dilemma as new study shows where force is bendingOct 12, 2017 Listen
OPM nominee right for the jobOct 12, 2017 Listen
US Army North helps with hurricane cleanupOct 12, 2017 Listen
Army rethinking its facilitiesOct 11, 2017 Listen
Federal execs don't trust talent development systemOct 11, 2017 Listen
How Army personnel are reacting to an unstable worldOct 11, 2017 Listen
New inspector general website allows public to oversee watchdog workOct 11, 2017 Listen
Worried about possible retirement changes? 3 pieces of advice from a federal financial plannerOct 11, 2017 Listen
Army kicks off largest reorganization of acquisition bureaucracy since VietnamOct 10, 2017 Listen
How one contractor belittled the White House IT modernization strategyOct 10, 2017 Listen
IRS enforcement team faces major challengesOct 10, 2017 Listen
New legislation focuses on federal employeesOct 10, 2017 Listen
TSA's innovation task force keeps travelers movingOct 10, 2017 Listen
Contractors face delays in cost auditsOct 09, 2017 Listen
Cyber training becoming a standard for Marines, new jobs for civilians coming soonOct 09, 2017 Listen
Even a government reorg may not break decades of federal workforce trendsOct 09, 2017 Listen
Former fed blows whistle on Interior Department policyOct 09, 2017 Listen
A 'sense of urgency' as IRS legacy IT systems grow increasingly olderOct 06, 2017 Listen
Bob Tobias: How reorganization may or may not work under Trump administrationOct 06, 2017 Listen
Greg Wilshusen: SEC continues to battle cybersecurity issuesOct 06, 2017 Listen
Jennie Wenger: U.S. Army working to retain its cyber forceOct 06, 2017 Listen
Senator wants more insight into DoD's research spendingOct 06, 2017 Listen
Tammy Flanagan: Navigating federal retirement paperworkOct 05, 2017 Listen
Here's how much more federal employees will pay for health care in 2018Oct 05, 2017 Listen
Kevin Aven: What's changing under IBM's renewed contract with LOGSAOct 05, 2017 Listen
Maj. Gen. Randy Taylor: Army Medical Research Institute shares opioid knowledge with civiliansOct 05, 2017 Listen
Maj. Gen. Randy Taylor: Army Medical Research Institute shares opioid knowledge with civiliansOct 04, 2017 Listen
Napolitano looks back at early days as DHS secretaryOct 04, 2017 Listen
NARA: Improvements seen in federal records management, but 'there is work to be done'Oct 04, 2017 Listen
Trump's swiss cheese administration?Oct 04, 2017 Listen
What's the rate of growth in federal cybersecurity?Oct 04, 2017 Listen
DoD has trouble closing contractsOct 03, 2017 Listen
Oldies but goodies: Air Force looks to retirees to help pilot shortageOct 03, 2017 Listen
OPM names new CIO just as it begins initiative to modernize electronic personnel fileOct 03, 2017 Listen
Senate to markup 2018 budget this weekOct 03, 2017 Listen
Advice for contractors, managers facing new fiscal yearOct 02, 2017 Listen
Congress may finally get a cyber deterrence strategy from DoD at end of the monthOct 02, 2017 Listen
How Interior, NGA, DHS provided a common picture for hurricane first respondersOct 02, 2017 Listen
Is driverless delivery coming to USPS?Oct 02, 2017 Listen
What contractors need to know about cybersecurityOct 02, 2017 Listen
Big data analytics is growing in federal law enforcementSep 29, 2017 Listen
DHS, NIST help cities hardwire cybersecuritySep 29, 2017 Listen
How ready are agencies for EIS rollout?Sep 29, 2017 Listen
SBA 'doing everything we can' to help hurricane disaster victimsSep 29, 2017 Listen
VA close to awarding Cerner contract for new EHRSep 29, 2017 Listen
How can government keep track of $600B in grants?Sep 28, 2017 Listen
Navy wants to move its email to DISAs forthcoming cloud offeringSep 28, 2017 Listen
Not every government contract goes to the lowest bidderSep 28, 2017 Listen
The story of a RIFSep 28, 2017 Listen
Why are some diplomats getting sick?Sep 28, 2017 Listen
Agencies need to make websites more mobile-friendlySep 27, 2017 Listen
CMS program takes holistic approach to careSep 27, 2017 Listen
Office of Compliance keeps eye out for civil rights violationsSep 27, 2017 Listen
Sammies do more than honor great public serviceSep 27, 2017 Listen
State Department releases details of reorganization to skeptical lawmakersSep 27, 2017 Listen
What to know about Combined Federal Campaign's big 2017 revampSep 27, 2017 Listen
CMS lacks oversight of managed care programsSep 26, 2017 Listen
Congress ponders FAA, children's health insuranceSep 26, 2017 Listen
How the House wants to make federal procurement less complex, more competitiveSep 26, 2017 Listen
Lawmakers mulling evidence-based policymaking to help agencies tell stories with dataSep 26, 2017 Listen
Opioid screening goes governmentwide Oct. 1Sep 26, 2017 Listen
AI needs to be implemented carefullySep 25, 2017 Listen
Here's how Congress can reorganize itselfSep 25, 2017 Listen
Huey-N1 recompete is coming to a quick closeSep 25, 2017 Listen
Recent hurricanes have the Coast Guard rethinking social media's role in rescue and responseSep 25, 2017 Listen
What's in the NDAA contractors need to know about?Sep 25, 2017 Listen
CIOs' confidence in cloud, new cyber tools helping IT reforms gain tractionSep 22, 2017 Listen
FDA speeds up approval of new diabetes treatmentSep 22, 2017 Listen
IoT introducing new cyber risks, redrawing federal CISO roleSep 22, 2017 Listen
Postal IG uncovers mishandling of official timeSep 22, 2017 Listen
VA, Interior detail workforce reductions and consolidations under gov't reorganizationSep 22, 2017 Listen
A better approach to SES mobilitySep 21, 2017 Listen
A better approach to SES mobilitySep 21, 2017 Listen
Mid-tier contractors face unique hurdlesSep 21, 2017 Listen
New whistleblower non-profit looks to raise protections, lower barriers to legal resourcesSep 21, 2017 Listen
Air Force devolves decisions on crew rest time, part of effort to devolve authority to squadronsSep 20, 2017 Listen
Army Corps of Engineers joins hurricane relief effortSep 20, 2017 Listen
Contracting system helps NASA adopt new technologiesSep 20, 2017 Listen
Evaluating all-of-government response to recent hurricanesSep 20, 2017 Listen
What government reorganization means to the VA, where change is already moving fastSep 20, 2017 Listen
Agency CIOs in the eye of brewing reorg stormSep 19, 2017 Listen
Navy shipyards face multibillion-dollar backlog to fix failing facilities, and the problem is worseningSep 19, 2017 Listen
Obama appointees negotiated next job while on the job at InteriorSep 19, 2017 Listen
Storm brewing over federal flood insuranceSep 19, 2017 Listen
Uniformed Services University joins opioid addiction fightSep 19, 2017 Listen
App helps anglers connect with CBPSep 18, 2017 Listen
GSA administrator nominee has background in acquisitionsSep 18, 2017 Listen
Historians hope to crack century-old naval mysterySep 18, 2017 Listen
NGA wants to swap years of government data for industry know-howSep 18, 2017 Listen
David Trimble: GAO finds faults with plans for uranium processing facilitiesSep 15, 2017 Listen
Mark Gunzinger: Upgrading nation's aging nuclear arsenalSep 15, 2017 Listen
No path to $700 billion for DoD in 2018, top lawmaker saysSep 16, 2017 Listen
Surabhi Shah: Many moving parts at EPA's Urban Waters programSep 15, 2017 Listen
Contractors acting as connective tissue to federal workers in wake of Irma and HarveySep 14, 2017 Listen
EPA employees tackle hurricane relief efforts despite shrinking funds, workforceSep 15, 2017 Listen
One reorganization idea that nearly everyone can agree onSep 14, 2017 Listen
Trey Hodgkins: NBIB security clearance backlog a national security concernSep 14, 2017 Listen
Army to upgrade 400 hardware, software systemsSep 13, 2017 Listen
Fresh personnel system coming for federal governmentSep 13, 2017 Listen
GSA overdue for a revamp, solution is BlockchainSep 13, 2017 Listen
Joseph Petrillo: What small contractors need to know from recent court rulingSep 14, 2017 Listen
State Department preparing to elevate diversity 'to the next level'Sep 13, 2017 Listen
Wounded soldiers learn coping skills in shark cagesSep 13, 2017 Listen
How DHS is thawing the industry-government deep freezeSep 12, 2017 Listen
NBIB to test new security clearance process for federal employeesSep 12, 2017 Listen
New argument over State Department funding in SenateSep 12, 2017 Listen
Recruiting technology experts as Congressional Innovation FellowsSep 12, 2017 Listen
CR for defense likely until December, but with a few anomaliesSep 11, 2017 Listen
HUD management, unions suffering communication breakdown over reorg effortsSep 11, 2017 Listen
Report: Broader data access, stronger security part of improving evidence-based policiesSep 12, 2017 Listen
Slow progress on federal contracting frontSep 11, 2017 Listen
Special Publication 800-53 gets an updateSep 11, 2017 Listen
A deeper look into defense cybersecurity effortsSep 08, 2017 Listen
Regulatory gaps exist between connected cars and administrationSep 08, 2017 Listen