Bowhunters Life #9 with Antonio Lara

Hello everybody, welcome to episode 9 of the Bowhunters Life podcast. On today’s show, I am joined by my good friend Antonio LAST NAME, who is a fellow Australian bowhunter like myself and has been apart of many movements to help fight for the hunting communities rights. Antonio and I talk mostly about the different hunting opportunities in Australia and explain the different types of license licenses and regulations that many people have questions about if they’ve never hunted Australia before. We dive into the management of species, including the invasive species which make up most of the country, and explain a lot of the economics of the hunting industry, and the amount of money that hunters generate for conservation. We explain how the lack of major predators has impacted the wildlife, and why that is so important for us hunters to maintain a symbiotic relationship with the game that we hunt, to help balance things out for the benefit of the whole community. This episode was sponsored by Option Archery, which many of you know I am a big fan of the products that they produce, and have been using them for many years. I explain a bit about my favorite products from them at the beginning and the end of the show. Thank you all for tuning in.

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