EPISODE 54: Talk Silly to Me BumbleBee Jan 20, 2019 Listen
EPISODE 53: THE POD RETURNS! (Film 2019, Mary Poppins Returns, Birdbox)Jan 06, 2019 Listen
EPISODE 52: A POD OF THE YEAR (We also review Aquaman and Roma)Dec 31, 2018 Listen
BATMAN RETURNS: A Talk Filmy to Me CHRISTMAS Special Dec 18, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 51: Into the Mowgli-verse! (Spider-man: Into the spiderverse, Mowgli reviews, Oscar hosting suggestions and more)Dec 13, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 50: CREED 2 BREAKS THE INTERNET (Wreck it Ralph 2 and Creed 2 reviews, and stuff about a mermaid) Dec 04, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 49: The haunting of an outlaw king (Outlaw king review, our fantasy VS films, The Haunting of Hill House review and more)Nov 16, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 48: A house of widow sequels (WIDOWS, HOUSE OF CARDS S6, And the film sequels that nearly happened) Nov 07, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 47: A Bohemian Rhapsody podcast with a smidge of Overlord (Bohemian Rhapsody & Overlord review)Oct 31, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 46: First Man is born in hells kitchen (First Man, A star is born, and Daredevil season 3 reviews)Oct 23, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 45: A FIST OF VENOM! (Iron Fist season 2, Venom review, News and more)Oct 07, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 44: A crazy rich favour of a podcast ("Crazy Rich Asians" and "A Simple Favour" review)Sep 24, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 43: A Predator that is second to Nun (The Nun, Predator, and other films that scared the sh*t out of us)Sep 16, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 42: A pod based on true events (American Animals, Jack Ryan, and Disenchantment reviews) Sep 10, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 41: A puppet of a pod (We review Happy Time Murders, Final Space, and talk about films recast as puppets)Sep 01, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 40: A very Denzel Washington podcast (We review The Equalizer 2, and discuss Denzel Washington's best films)Aug 27, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 39 (Fixed): The Meg, Festival, News, fun, and moreAug 19, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 38: Antman and the Wasp, Like Father, Actors we would love to see given the digital treatment, Box office higher or lower and more Aug 04, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 37 (1 year on): Mission Impossible: Fallout, Kaiser: The Greatest Footballer Never to Play Football, Extinction, Box office higher or lower and More!Jul 29, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 36: Skyscraper, How it ends, Game: Box office higher or lower,Jul 19, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 35: TAG, The Incredibles 2, Box Office higher or lower, news, reviews and moreJul 15, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 34: Sicario 2, Oceans 8, Luke Cage season 2, Cage or Nonsense, News, and moreJun 30, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 33: Hereditary Review, Minority Report tech 16 years later, Cage or Nonsense, and more!Jun 19, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 32: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (spoiler free review), News, Trailer discussions, Cage or Nonsense, and moreJun 11, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 31: First Match, TV Shows that jumped the shark, A NEW GAME: CAGE or NONSENSE, NEWS, and MoreJun 04, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 30: SOLO: A Star Wars story review (SPOILER FREE), The Alienist, films we have see far too many times, news and moreMay 28, 2018 Listen
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AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR A Talk Filmy to Me podcast specialMay 09, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 28: A film with an unpronounceable title review, Films we like introducing to people, Connect the dots, and moreMay 06, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 27: INFINITY WAR: SPOILER-FREE REVIEW, Netflix Happy, and many moreApr 29, 2018 Listen
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EPISODE 25 (FIXED): Ready Player one, The Big Sick, News, Connect the dots, and moreApr 08, 2018 Listen
Annihilation: A Talk Filmy to Me Podcast Special Mar 30, 2018 Listen
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EPISODE 22: GAME NIGHT, Film's we think are overrated, Hans Zimmer Live, Connect the dots, and more! Mar 13, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 21: OSCARS2018 reaction, Red Sparrow review, Films where the bad guys win, Mute review Mar 06, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 20: The Shape of Water review (some minor spoilers), TV shows you need to be streaming right now, News and more!Feb 28, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 19: BLACK PANTHER REVIEW! Films that made great TV and visa versa, When we first met reviewFeb 19, 2018 Listen
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EPISODE 17: Downsizing, Coco, The Polka King, a mini feature, and moreFeb 05, 2018 Listen
EPISODE 16: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, BRIGHT, The Foreigner, scenes we liked in 2017 and much more!Jan 14, 2018 Listen
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DIE HARD : A Talk Filmy to Me CHRISTMAS Special Dec 11, 2017 Listen