S2 E13: 109th Episode Spectacular!

I've gone back into the vault and picked out five of my favourite moments from the first 100+ episodes of Complete the List! (If you've listened to everything, this game doesn't have any new material.) Part 1: Episode 77, Lindsay Todd vs Nicolle Neulist
Part 2: Episode 30, Jonathan Oakes vs Wesley Wells vs Jeffrey Seguritan
Part 3: Episode 33, Miranda Prince vs Sally Neumann vs Jill Gilbert
Part 4: Episode 38, Dustin Resch & Brooke Chavez vs Katie Raney & Chris Dooley vs Jake Larson & Chloe McGuire
Part 5: Episode 42, Eugene Byon vs Josh Woo vs Kevin Slattery You can find our Patreon at patreon.com/thejeopardyfan/. You can also follow us on Twitter at @CompleteList and on Instagram at @completethelist, and please review us on your favorite podcasting app!

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