RANDY COUTURE, MMA legend, Hollywood star, Retired U.S. Army Sergeant: Facing Fear

Randy Couture, MMA legend, Hollywood star, and retired U.S. Army Sergeant joins The Brink of Midnight Podcast. Randy has led a remarkable life and his most pivotal, "brink of midnight" moments were grounded in the faith that he was moving in the right direction and that things would eventually work out how they're supposed to. Hear how Randy's circuitous pursuit of his dreams in wrestling led him to the military, UFC, Hollywood, and beyond. Learn how, from the age of 12, visualization has been essential to his success as an athlete and human being and how the simple act of trying something new led to phenomenal opportunities he never considered. Randy shares several life lessons, among others, how getting back to fun was the key to getting over his fear of failure. His perspective and true patriotism will move you and fill you with inspiration. For full show notes, visit: www.brinkofmidnight.comĀ | Contact: info@brinkofmidnight.comĀ | Connect: @brinkofmidnight (twitter, instagram, Facebook)

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