RAY LEWIS, Super Bowl MVP: Glory is on the Other Side of Pain

Super Bowl MVP and NFL analyst, Ray Lewis, joins The Brink of Midnight Podcast. This is the story of Ray Lewis before you knew who Ray Lewis was... a unique look at Ray unlike any interview with or article on him you've ever seen. Ray Lewis' story is one of remarkable self-actualization. From growing up in a violent household and having to skip meals to a complete stranger investing $15 in him to play for his local Lakeland Lumberjacks football team, Ray is the ultimate example of doing the best he can, with what he has, when he has it. He shares how, at a young age, he found a way to develop his physical and mental strength from nothing, and how developing that strength was motivated by honoring his mother. Ray also shares the importance of finding, articulating, and nurturing one's own foundation and considers it the most important work we can all do. This conversation both humbles and inspires and you can't help Ray's energy from entering your soul like a ray of light. He continues to pay it forward every day in his day-to-day interactions to working with fellow elite athletes like Michael Phelps. For complete show notes, visit www.brinkofmidnight.comĀ | Contact: info@brinkofmidnight.comĀ | Connect: @brinkofmidnight (twitter, instagram, Facebook)

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