#081 - William Shewfelt: IF For A Power Ranger Physique, The Carnivore Diet, Hollywood Diets, Muscle Building, Exercise & Performance, Lifestyle Hacks, Diet Mindsets, Following Your Dreams, And More!

Check out IFPodcast.com/Episode81 for full shownotes and references, and IFPodcast.com/StuffWeLike for all the stuff we like! Today we've got a super fun episode with William Shewfelt, best known for his starring role as Brody the Red Power Ranger on Netflix and Nickelodeon's "Power Rangers: Ninja Steel!" We've got him on the podcast, because William is also a fitness expert who specializes in fat loss and building muscle using a ketogenic diet! After years of training and experimenting with dieting, and experiencing skin issues, gut problems, and never achieving a lean, muscular physique—William finally stumbled upon the ketogenic diet…and after trying a carnivorous ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting was able to achieve a ripped physique.!  William recently released the Carnivore Shredding E-Book which details his approach to fat loss using intermittent fasting, a carnivorous diet, and training recommendations to achieve and maintain a lean physique year-round—without calorie counting and deprivation. Definitely check it out! You can also follow William on Instagram: www.instagram.com/williamshewfelt Today's episode of The Intermittent Fasting Podcast is sponsored by Prep Dish! Prep Dish is an awesome meal planning service which sends you weekly grocery and recipe lists, so you can do all your meal preparation at once, and be good to go for the week! It's perfect for the IF lifestyle! And better yet, the meals are all gluten free or Paleo, which is fantastic if you're already doing so, but also a wonderful way to "try out" gluten free or Paleo with delicious meals, and no feelings of restriction!! We can't recommend them enough!​ SHOW NOTES 1:30 - PREP DISH Free Subscription! Get a free 2 week trial At Prepdish.com/ifpodcast! You'll get weekly gluten-free and Paleo grocery and recipe lists!! 6:45 - William's Background: Acting, Pursuing Dreams, And The Carnivore Program! 12:00 - Getting Out Of The Diet Struggle And Letting Go Of Things That Don't Work For You 16:00 - Determining Your Diet Goals 19:15 - William's Carnivore Program 23:30 - Girls And Carnivore 24:10 - Dealing With Carb Withdrawals And Transitioning To Fat Burning 26:50 - The 2 Meal A Day IF Regimen (With Fasted Training) 28:00 - IF For Exercise, Bodybuilding, And Muscle Mass 30:40- How Soon To Eat After Working Out? 33:00- Managing IF, Stress, And Not Overdoing It 36:10- Low Carb And High Intensity Exercise, Protein And Gluconeogenesis 39:20- Should You Count Macros? 43:00- Set Life 47:00- Dealing With Social Backlash And Having Confidence In Your Diet Choices 49:50- Are All Actors On A Diet? 53:10- William's Favorite Lifestyle Hacks: Goal Setting, Being Intentional, Routines, Habits, Following Your Dreams, And More! 1:03:05- Thoughts On Bulletproof Coffee? 1:05:35- Takeaways For Eating: Meal Timing, Nutrients, Listening To Your Body, Etc. 1:08:40- Counting Nutrients Not Calories 1:12:20- William's Dream Project 1:13:45- William's Key Takeaway Get Melanie's Book What When Wine: Lose Weight and Feel Great with Paleo-Style Meals, Intermittent Fasting, and Wine, on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Get Gin's Books' Feast Without Fear: Food and the Delay, Don't Deny Lifestyle

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