Ep. 2 - “Back to the Future Part II” w/ sWooZie

Great Scott! It’s episode 2 of Popcorn! Or should we say... Part II?? Because we are reviewing the 1980’s sci-fi CLASSIC “Back to the Future Part II!” With the one-and-only BttF EXPERT... sWooZie! Yes, THE sWooZie (Adande Thorne). - Guys, prepare to have your mind melted as we reveal some inside information about the making of this film, some wonderful hidden easter eggs, and some very puzzling questions about the space-time continuum that we are still trying to piece together. So grab your popcorn and please join us as we dissect this movie in excruciating (and hopefully hilarious) detail. - Did you like this episode of Popcorn? Please rate us and leave us a review on iTunes! You have NO IDEA how much that helps us get new subscribers. So do it! - Also, be sure to check out our website for more info on upcoming episodes at: www.popcorn.show

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