Show 2033 Levin TV 2017 Year in Review- The Media & Fake News

Show 2033 Levin TV 2017 Year in Review- The Media & Fake News The media was so diabolical in their reporting during 2017 that LevinTV had to split the highlights up into two episodes. We have both parts 1 and 2 included here. To watch this program visit-   Check out The Mark Levin Show at- The Mark Levin Show is recommended by ACU.   Sign up for Mark Levin’s CRTV. Highly Recommended by ACU. HELP US SPREAD THE WORD! Please send to friends, post on Facebook, twitter, etc… Over 1,700 commercial free archived shows are available on our podcast site here.     Ways to subscribe to the American Conservative University Podcast Click here to subscribe via iTunes Click here to subscribe via RSS You can also subscribe via Stitcher You can also subscribe via SoundCloud If you like this episode head on over to iTunes and kindly leave us a rating, a review and subscribe! People find us through our good reviews.   FEEDBACK + PROMOTION You can ask your questions, make comments, submit ideas for shows and lots more. Let your voice be heard. Download our FREE iOS App. Download our FREE Android App. Email us at

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