Golden Nuggets of Patience with your Passion (feat. Vinny Amendola)

(00:12) Boutique Fitness = a community-like group exercise focusing on specific workouts. Vinny worked at Core Power at the Director of Operation for 8 years and become passion about what fitness does to an individual, so he decided to start up something a little bit different, ALTR Fitness. With more people participating in boutique fitness, Vinny asked his former co-worker, Kari Ament - exCOO of Core Power, to join forces. The experience of boutique fitness is the most important aspect. The small group of people with specific offerings develops into a tight niche market where workout members feel very comfortable. They choose Minneapolis because it was their hometown and they worked very closely with this market during their time at Core Power. The some what big city feel gives of more of a high-end vibe. 
(04:15) Doing something RIGHT takes time. Especially when it comes to sharpening a concept. Vinny and Kari spent 6 plus months developing exactly what they wanted from Real Estate to who was training the workout members to the name of the facility. The training period took 3 months. This is extreme patience. ALTR was chosen because of the alternative approach to fitness and the crisp look of ALTR without the vowel. Vinny’s average quality is getting started, and Kari is the same way which was funny to reflect on. The fear of taking the first step is difficult, so Vinny tries to recognize his fears of being perfect all of the time to overcome the inability of getting started. 
(13:40) Challenge yourself because you never know what’s going to happen. Declan wanted to start performing stand-up comedy, so he practiced for 6 weeks. Threw it all out the window a week before his big night and practices his newly formed bit one time in front of an Uber drive. He just got up there, and tried to forget the nervous because this might have been the most nervous he has ever been.
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