Golden Nuggets of The Energized Butterfly (feat. Brandon Poliszuk)

(00:10) What is a Marketing Intern? A listener. It is that simple. Every listener of The Backpocket Podcast is a marketing intern. Put it on your resume, and witness the waterfall effect before your eyes! From now until the end of time, be a marketing intern. 
(02:55) Brick by brick build your legacy. Don’t try to win over 100,000 followers/listeners/marketing interns. Connect one story to one listener at a time, that’s bricks by bricks. Want to become global? Complete three to four significant things in a day. You will have a mansion in 10 years, an empire in 20 years, and a entire city in 30 years. It’s the long game… the process. 
(07:15) Nobody owes you anythings and at the same time respect everyone. Understand the roots of family heritage, mindset, intention and use it as motivation. 
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