S1 E28 - Time Management (feat. John Abraham)

 Dr. John Abraham is a professor of thermal sciences at the University of St. Thomas and a writer for The Guardian. We discuss John’s path into becoming a heat transfer professor, running with the bulls in Pamplona, debunking climate change deniers (which was later shown on the Alex Jones Show), and the impact of climate change on the world. On the front end of the show, our good friend Matt Harein joins the show to debate who would win in a fight, Grizzly Bear or a Gorrilla.
(00:30) Average Quality (03:00) Curbside Stories (06:00) GREAT DEBATE: Grizzly Bear vs Gorilla (15:45) John Abraham (01:26:30) W.D.W.L. (01:28:45) Feel Good Story This podcast is sponsored by The Black Tux

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