Nate Duhon | Lollapalooza | Jay Cutler | Colin Kaepernick | Everything Chicago : Episode 12

Episode 12 is an amazing vibe as we interview Nate Duhon, the Reality Television star from a huge show on cable TV as we digest his thoughts and opinions from the most recent season, highlights, lowlights, secrets, and his future with his clothing brand, Vocaltee. We also give a full recap of the craziness of Lollapalooza in Chicago, discuss our Everything Chicago Segment including Chance the Rapper, Chicago being named Restaurant city of the year, Derrick Rose, the nonsense that is Jay Cutler signing with the Miami Dolphins, the troubles of Colin Kaepernick, the Big 3 Basketball update, our bi-weekly reality television update + The Clown of the Week + MUCH More! Podcast Outline o Itunes Comedy Section Rankings (:51) o IG Live Plug (1:50) o Lollapalooza Recap (3:03) o Nate Duhon Interview (7:54) o Vocaltee Promotion (25:17) o Everything Chicago Segment (29:07) o Jay Cutler Signing with Miami (42:03) o Colin Kaepernick Discussion (45:07) o Big 3 Basketball (47:13) o Clown of the week- Lil Boosie (49:48) o Clown of the week – Quantasia Sharpton (53:45) - http;// - Seabreeze Building Services - - Vocaltee - - Subscribe to Alternative Facts Chicago on iTunes:…d1215094068?mt=2 - Also, follow our Soundcloud page with ALL episodes: @alternativefactschicago - Don't forget to like Alternative Facts Chicago on Instagram: - Don't forget to like Alternative Facts Chicago on Twitter: - Don't forget to like Alternative Facts Chicago on Facebook: - Don't forget to follow Alternative Facts Chicago on YouTube:

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