Big Brother 19 | Phil Jackson | JayZ | BET Awards | Taste of Chicago : Episode 9

Episode 9 is our funniest episode to date as we recap our D and Davis Sports Radio show appearance, Preview + Discuss reality shows such as Big Brother 19, MTV The Challenge, MTV Real World Series, Married at First Sight & The Bachelorette Drama, we complete our roundtable discussion on the NBA Draft winners + losers and how the Chicago Bulls did in the Draft, Weigh in on the Chris Paul to Houston trade + Phil Jackson’s firing from the New York Knicks, Try to figure out what is wrong with Chicago Sports in 2017, Touch on the Supreme Court Travel Ban, preview JayZ’s new album, recap the BET Awards + discuss the Meek Mill + Safarree Beef at BET Awards Weekend, Highlight the success of 2 Chainz + The Clown of the Week & Much More! Podcast Outline o D and Davis Sports Radio Show Recap (2:11) o Casting Call for a 3rd Host (4:20) o Reality TV Discussion: Big Brother, MTV The Real World, Married at First Sight, The Bachelorette (8:06) o NBA Draft Round Up (24:46) o Chris Paul Trade (31:40) o Chicago Sports Struggles (38:12) o Supreme Court Travel Ban (41:50) o JayZ 4:44 Album (46:02) o 2 Chainz/Young Thug Album Sales (48:47) o BET Awards Wrap Up (50:40) o Chicago Man Hangs Himself (53:08) o Clown of the week- Meek Mill (56:20) o Clown of the week – Phil Jackson (59:14) Subscribe to Alternative Facts Chicago on iTunes: - Http:// - - D and Davis Show – Alternative Facts Guest Appearance - - - Casting Call for Women on the Show - Women Podcast Voices – contact - - Seabreeze Building Services - - Evan Marshall High Fashion Men - Big Brother 19 Premier o Excited about new season o Cast looks amazing - - Is MTV Real World Over? o Maybe try different cities? o Try Rebranding? - MTV the Challenge 30th Anniversary Season - Married at First Sight- Quick Update - NBA Draft Round Up - #1 pick 76ers: Markelle Fultz (G) – Washington - #2 pick Lakers: Lonzo Ball (G) - UCLA - #3 pick Celtics: Jayson Tatum (F) - Duke o Phil Jackson  Fired by New York Knicks  Is he finished with the NBA? o Chris Paul trade to Rockets  Good or bad trade – is Houston chasing big names? o NBA Awards  Drake hilarious at awards show  Russell Westbrook wins MVP – well deserved - Chicago Sports Talk- What’s Wrong with Them? o Dwayne Wade – what is his future? o Rajon Rondo – is he finished with the Bulls? o Miguel Montero – catcher of Chicago Cubs, designated for assignment for Jake Arrieta controversy. o Chicago Blackhawks major trades but bring back Brandon Saad - U.S. Politics 2017 o Supreme Court Travel Ban is now active o Minor win for trump administration - JayZ New Album 06/30/17 o New album expectations - 2 Chainz Album Sales o Crushing new album sales – mad respect - Young Thug Album Sales o Terrible album sale - Meek Mill/Safaree Beef at BET Weekend o Safaree chasing Meek down the street - BET Awards Highlights o New Edition o Lesley Jones o Great jobs with the award – much deserves o Big Sean – special tip on the show - Chicago News Update o Driver who hanged self was at Bottled Blonde, other River North spots  Special respectful shout out to friends and family in Chicago  Go fund me page - - Clown of the Week- Meek Mills - Bhun - Clown of the Week- Phil Jackson – Bobby - Don't forget to like Alternative Facts Chicago on Instagram: - Don't forget to like Alternative Facts Chicago on Twitter: - Don't forget to like Alternative Facts Chicago on Facebook: - Don't forget to follow Alternative Facts Chicago on YouTube:

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