Spring Awakening | NBA Draft | Floyd Mayweather | Fashion Week | Forbes List : Episode 8

Episode 8 returns with special guest Evan Marshall of High Fashion Living to discuss his expertise in the Fashion Industry, Recap our NBC Sports Radio + Royal Beings Round Table appearances, Bobby slanders B Hun on winning the NBA Finals 2017 bet, B Hun’s Spring Awakening Appearance, Highlight the Forbes List of 2017, The XXL Freshman 2017 List, Predict the Floyd Mayweather/Conor McGregor Fight, The Addison Russell Saga + The Clown of the Week + More! Podcast Outline o NBC Sports Radio Debrief (0:19) o Royal Beings RoundTable Update (2:02) o NBA Finals Conclusion (3:40) o Evan Marshall of High Fashion Living Segment (10:12) o Spring Awakening (23:00) o Chicago Street Festivals (25:10) o McDonalds Chicago Debate (27:20) o Forbes List 2017 (33:15) o XXL Freshman List 2017 (38:30) o Floyd Mayweather Fight (41:50) o Addison Russell Debacle (45:51) o Clown of the week- Tinashe (51:25) o Clown of the week – Derrick Fisher (54:13) - Introduction - NBC Sports Radio Recap - Thank you Dave Smith - Royal Beings RoundTable Discussion - Scheduled to Air in July - Incredible Q&A roundtable of upcoming Podcasts - 2017 NBA Finals Discussion - Golden State Warriors Win Championship - Kevin Durant Finals MVP - Seabreeze Building Services Sponsorship Break - http://seabreezebuildings.com - Special Guest Evan Marshall – High Fashion Living - Fashion and Hip Hop - Hip Hop Artists mix with the fashion industry – Pros and Cons - Where we see Fashion in Chicago in 2017 and Beyond - http://highfashionliving.com - Greenwave Sponsorship Break - http://greenwave.com - Friday Spring Awakening Chicago Update - Marshmello, Afrojack, Galantis, Armin Van Buren - Afrojack late for show – only negative - Fantastic crowd - Chicago Discussion on Street Festivals so Far - Do Division Festival, Old Town Art Fair - Why Chicago is best summer city in the world? - Trending in Chicago o McDonalds bringing 2000 jobs to the HQ in the West Loop of Chicago o $75 Million New Englewood High School Will Merge 4 Schools At Robeson - Greenwave Sponsorship Break - http://greenwave.co - 2017 Forbes List - How is Diddy #1 Still? - Beyoncé #2 - The Weeknnd #6? Incredible! - Hip Hop mainstream dominating the list. - XXL Freshman Cover 2017 - Big Hip Hop Up and Coming List for 2017 - 10th Anniversary Edition - XXXTentacion, Playboi Carti - Floyd Mayweather vs. Conner McGregor - August 26th - Make your predictions now - Addison Russell Personal Issues - Do you think he is guilty or innocent? - Does this hurt the Chicago Cubs? - What happens from here… - Greenwave Sponsorship break - http://greenwave.co - Clown of the Week- Tinashe Colorism Controversy- Bobby - Clown of the Week- Derrick Fisher- B Hun Check out Episode 4: Episode 4: The 4/20 Episode by Alternative Facts Chicago Alternativefactschicago – The-420-episode Check out Episode 5: Episode 5: To Fyre Fest or Not to Fyre Fest - Episode 5 Alternativefactschicago – Episode-5-to-fyre-fest-or-not-to-fyre-fest Check out Episode 6: Episode 6: The United States of Reality Television- Episode 6 Alternativefactschicago – The-united-states-of-reality-television-episode-6 Check out Episode 7: NBA Finals 2017 | Tiger Woods DUI | Bottled Blonde Chicago | Kathy Griffin | Katy Perry https://soundcloud.com/alternativefactschicago/nba-finals-2017-tiger-woods-dui-bottled-blonde-chicago-kathy-griffin-katy-perry-episode-7 Subscribe to Alternative Facts Chicago on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/alter…d1215094068?mt=2 Also, follow our Soundcloud page with ALL episodes: @alternativefactschicago Don't forget to like Alternative Facts Chicago on Instagram: www.instagram.com/alternativefactschicago/ Don't forget to like Alternative Facts Chicago on Twitter: twitter.com/AFactsChicago Don't forget to like Alternative Facts Chicago on Facebook: www.facebook.com/AlternativeFactsChicago/ Don't forget to follow Alternative Facts Chicago on YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCC822xwSQxIdtTJL53lxV_Q

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