Episode 14: How the “Senior Pastor” Relates to Other Pastors

Does the senior pastor—or the teaching pastor, or the lead pastor, or whatever title your church gives to the man who preaches most often—have more authority than other pastors, either in the pay of the church or not? Does he have a kind of different authority? If you’ve served in a church with a plurality of elders, then you’ve felt tension over these questions. In order to help, Mark sat down with Jonathan to discuss the biblical warrant for a “senior” pastor, what his involvement looks in the church when he’s not preaching, and more. SHOW NOTES: – First things first: Is “senior pastor” a biblical designation? (1:00) – What about the “co-pastor” model? (3:30) – Why is it that the man who preaches most often will almost inevitably accrue the most authority within the congregation? (4:30) – What is Mark’s involvement in the church, even when he isn’t preaching on Sunday morning? (5:15) – Does Mark as senior pastor have “more authority” than other pastors, staff or non-staff? (6:15) – How does a “senior pastor” set the direction for a church, either good or bad? (9:15) – How does a pastor submit to other pastors? (11:15) – What counsel do you have for associate pastors who disagree with their senior pastor? (13:25) – How should he respond to a pastor who’s been heavy-handed? (17:25) – Any advice for a new pastor with an established elder board? (20:00) – How do you cultivate unity among elders? (24:00)

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