E48: “The Killer Clown” Pt.2 - John Wayne Gacy

We continue to look into the conflicted identity of John Wayne Gacy, who terrorized Chicago in the 1970s. Known as the “Killer Clown,” Gacy tortured and then murdered at least 33 teenage boys. But for many years, he appeared to be an outstanding member of his community...all while hiding his victims’ bodies underneath his house. Sponsors! Fabletics - Get two pairs of leggings for $24 when you join at fabletics.com/SERIALKILLERS Thrive Market - To get $60 in free, organic groceries, plus free shipping, visit thrivemarket.com/SERIALKILLERS Haunted Places - Haunted Places, a Parcast podcast, can be found wherever you listen to Serial Killers. After today’s show, visit your favorite podcast directory and search for Haunted Places.

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