E44: “The Freeway Killer” Pt. 2 - William Bonin

After William Bonin took the life of his first victim, his killings only escalated in frequency and violence. In part 2, Greg and Vanessa dive into Bonin’s need for validation, and how the loneliness resulting from his traumatic childhood likely led him to invite multiple accomplices along on his killing spree. After the rape, torture, and murder of at least 21 men and boys, William Bonin’s accomplices became the key to his capture and conviction. SPONSORS! Merch: You asked, and we listened: You can now buy Serial Killers T-shirts, sweatshirts and phone cases at represent.com/parcast! Mathnasium.com: Visit mathnasium.com/offers/serial to learn more about their program and to download the eBook "Helping Children Excel at Math" Stitchfix: Visit stitchfix.com/serial, and you’ll also get 25-percent off when you keep all 5 items in your box! Bouqs: Visit bouqs.com and get an extra special 15% off when you enter Promo code - KILLERS.

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