E38: Bible John Pt. 2

Bible John left gruesomely specific crime scenes. This week, Greg and Vanessa scrutinize this killer’s disturbing methods for any semblance of meaning. Were the kills sadistic, predatory, or spurred by rage at encountering an “unclean” menstruating woman? And how, despite the fact that the Glasgow police interviewed over 20,000 people, did Bible John evade capture? SPONSORS! Haunted Places - Listen and subscribe to Greg’s scary story podcast! HelloFresh -For $30 off your first week of HelloFresh deliveries, visit hellofresh.com and enter code: SERIALKILLERS30 Shopkick - -Parcast listeners can earn 2x as many points in the first week if you download here: shopkick.com/SERIALKILLERS TuneIn - Listen to Serial Killers episodes one week early on TuneIn!

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