E29: “The Giggling Granny” – Nannie Doss

“The Giggling Granny”, Nannie Doss’ home cooked meals were served with a side of poison. Was she suffering from Munchausen-by-Proxy, or did she just feel trapped by mid-20th century society? Greg and Vanessa examine how a troubled childhood, brain damage, and an abusive husband led this killer to snap and go after everyone who was closest to her. SPONSORS! Hunt a Killer - Head on over to Hunt A Killer dot com and register now and use the code ’KILLERS' to get 10% off! Blue Apron - Check out this week’s menu and get your first THREE meals FREE—WITH FREE SHIPPING—by going to blueapron.com/killers Spotify - You can now find our episodes on Spotify! Follow us, and all your favorites, to get new episodes in Your Library as soon as they drop. For more, head to Spotify.com/podcasts

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