E28: "The Grim Sleeper" Pt 2. - Lonnie Franklin Jr. Featuring Hart Hanson

Lonnie Franklin Jr. offered rides to Los Angeles women, only to kill them, photograph them, and leave their bodies to be found like trash on the street. “The Grim Sleeper” had a deep-seated need to degrade women, ending at least ten lives before new breaks in forensic technology helped the police to catch him. Greg and Vanessa discuss Franklin’s change in MO, his police interrogation, and the remaining task of identifying the unknown women in his polaroid’s. Join us after the episode for an exclusive interview with Hart Hanson, creator of the TV series BONES. We’ll talk about his new crime novel, The Driver. SPONSORS! Spotify – You can now listen to Serial Killers on Spotify! For more, head to Spotify.com/podcasts, and follow Serial Killers to get every episode as it drops! Hunt a Killer- To help support our show, they've offered a 10% discount for our listeners. Use the code ’KILLERS' and get 10% off. So head on over to HuntAKiller.com and register now!

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