16. Consciousness

Can AI be conscious? ## Resources Philosophy of Mind: Brains, Consciousness, and Thinking Machines (http://amzn.to/2kQGgk5) `audio:easy` ## Episode Inspirations for AI
- economic automation
- singularity
- consciousness Definitinitions
- cogsci: neuroscience, neuro-x(biology, physiology, computational __, etc), psychology, philosophy, AI
** computational neuroscience => perceptron
** frank rosenblatt, warren McCulloche, walter pitts - all brain guys (neurobiology, neurophysiology, computational neuroscience respectively)
- intelligence (computation) vs consciousness (soul); intelligence in scale (animals); brain in scale; consciousness in scale?
- perception, self-identity, memory, attention; (self reflection is just a human-special component)
- awereness (qualia / sentience / subjective experience); modified by attention? (driving, dreams, coma)
- missing: emotions; just built-in goal reinforcemer. plus we don't know how machines experience reinforcement (floor-is-lava) Hard vs soft problem
** soft problem = neuroscience
** hard problem = philosophy
** dualism: pineal gland, issue with physical->metaphysical; society of mind / connected intelligences
** maybe definitively non-science, since subjective
** maybe matter of time; phil is pre-science at each juncture; science turns magic => known (sickness). Either hard problem is unscientific (phil) or around the corner Emergence (emergent property) Computational theory of mind
- intelligence & consciousness connected / same
- think: word2vec = understanding?
- consciousness in scale; does this mean every layer has its own consciousness? Panpsychism. I don't know - just concerned with that which does exhibit intelligence
- integrated information theory
- freewill; conscious / awareness center activated after decision made; all the information in place before whole ; westworld Biological plausibility
- planes, brains
- sans bio-plaus, functionalism; zombies; turing test; searle's chinese room

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