#30 Incredible Sex Techniques & Tips from High Earning Sex Worker, Alice Little

Today on the podcast we are joined by a very special guest, none other than Alice Little from the Bunny Ranch and the Wing Woman Podcast. Alice is one of the most prominent sex workers in America and she is here to give our listeners expert advice and all round insider scoop on great sex and easy tips for increased pleasure and intimacy. In our discussion we cover Alice’s personal history and thoughts on sex work and perceptions around the subject. From there we cover dirty talk, orgasms, oral sex, BDSM and a lot more. Alice also gives some practical advice for body positivity and managing a partner of a different height in the bedroom. For all this amazing information and more from a truly wonderful ambassador for better sex, join us for today’s episode! Show Highlights How Alice found herself at The Bunny Ranch. Why do people visit sex workers? Some of the common misconceptions around sex work. Alice’s advice for those listeners wanting to work on their dirty talk.  Closing the orgasm gap and finding ways to share pleasure. Alice’s advice to listener’s wanting to improve their fellatio skills. The reciprocal advice for cunnilingus. How to go about getting more acquainted with BDSM and sensation play. Use of safe words and aftercare and why they are so important. Clearly defining the BDSM acronym. Some of Alice’s tips for overcoming height difference between partners.  Getting over self doubt and getting on top of your partner. And much more! Tweetables “I believe so strongly in the good that legal sex workers can do for society and I believe so much so that it’s the perfect job for me that I plan to continue to do so.” — @TheAliceLittle [0:05:27.3] “If you can’t talk about sex and intimacy outside of the bedroom, you’re never going to get to the point where you can express yourself openly and comfortably while actually in the bedroom.” —   @TheAliceLittle [0:06:51.9] “It’s the biggest sexual mistake that America is making right now, we’re failing to ask what our partner actually likes.” — @TheAliceLittle [0:10:26.9] Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode Alice Little — https://thealicelittle.com Wing Woman Podcast — https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/wing-woman-podcast/id1434992925 Alice Little Twitter — https://twitter.com/TheAliceLittle Alice Little Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/thealicelittleofficial/ Moonlite Bunny Ranch — https://www.bunnyranch.com Alice Little Email — alicelittle@bunnyranch.com Dennis Hof — https://www.dennishof.com/about-dennis/ Ron Jeremy — https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000465/ Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy — https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/usmt20/current Sephora — https://www.sephora.com Ulta — https://www.ulta.com Kink —  https://www.kink.com Kink University — https://www.kink.com/channel/kinkuniversity Adam and Eve — https://www.adameve.com Liberator — https://www.liberator.com Pornhub — https://www.pornhub.com Fleshlight — https://www.fleshlight.com

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