Transformational Teaching in Troubled Times - Part 2 - Sia Kyriakakos

Sia Kyriakakos teaches art in Baltimore but she teaches far more than art. In part 2 of this conversation with a teacher who is working to become relevant and relatable, see how Sia is teaching in tough times. Today's sponsor: Project Pals has a useful classroom collaborative platform that lets you create and manage projects for your students. Right now, my students are creating and managing a project as they are creating a podcast to record powerful stories from the recent storms in our area. Project Pals connects with Google Classroom but also lets me see detail on which students are contributing and participating. I also love the task board which is a Trello-like Kanban board that let students create, assign, and complete tasks. I will be featuring this tool on my blog and newsletter this week- go to and sign up today.

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