#135 5 Reasons Teachers Using Tech are Super Heroes

Kecia Ray @keciaray former president of ISTE helps us understand five transformative practices that help teachers become superheroes. If you don't "get" why technology is important, or know people who don't, take a listen to understand and learn about transformative practices that work in education. www.coolcatteacher.com/e135 Today's sponsor is Kids Discover. They're doing awesome things to drive inquiry based learning. Check out coolcatteacher.com/discover and see how the Kids Discover online platform lets students enter discovery mode. This fun, visual tool lets students explore 150 different science and social studies units for elementary and middle school learners. And while they can explore a wide variety of topics from the US Constitution to Ecology and Ancient China, I also like that you can assign these nonfiction texts and three different lexiles to supplement what you're doing in the classroom. Go to coolcatteacher.com/discover and get started for free. They support single sign-on with Google and Clever.

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