#02: Secrets for Teaching Great Writing in the Classroom by Using Peer Review

Jennifer Burgin teaches amazing 2nd graders at Oakridge Elementary in Arlington, Virginia. She was named Oakridge Teacher of the Year and Arlington Public Schools Teacher of the Year in 2016. Too many teachers are working too hard to teach writing. When the teacher is “queen of the classroom” and has to do everything (review, give feedback, find mistakes) it either burns out the teacher or frustrates the students. Today’s show will help teachers solve this problem by learning the fundamentals of facilitating peer review that works.  Starting at the beginning with simple steps and moving towards a full peer review classroom, Jennifer talks with Vicki Davis on 10MT today about how her classroom changed when she started using peer review. She also shares her biggest mistakes and frustrations and how teachers can avoid them. Finally, she talks about how every teacher can start using peer review today.  A full transcript of this show and the show notes is available at www.coolcatteacher.com/podcast as well as details on this month’s give away contest to win a MakerBot mini replicator 3D! I use this printer in my classroom and love it!

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