#00: Sue and Mrs. Scruggs

Do you realize just how important you are as a teacher? Sometimes people say, “Thank you for all you do” but do they really understand just what I do? I heard this story several years a go from someone dear to me that completely transformed my life and understanding about how remarkable we teachers truly are. My name is Vicki Davis. I am best known for blogging at the Cool Cat Teacher Blog and for my sharing on Twitter where I have 136,741 Twitter as of the day I released this show. I previously hosted the show Every Classroom Matters. In this first episode of the 10 Minute Teacher Show, I’m sharing a story that gets to the heart of who we teachers are. I’ll also share my vision for this show and what you can expect to find every day. The idea behind the 10 Minute Teacher Show is simple: 5-days a week you’ll receive something helpful, informative, or inspiring that you can listen to in less than ten minutes. You’ll hear from the best in the education and get inspired to improve your classroom. In a day when we hear so much negative, this is something I can contribute to the mix that is positive and encouraging. But don’t expect the same thing every day! Each day has a theme! You’ll get: Motivation Mondays with ideas and inspiration to start your week. Tech tool Tuesday with ideas for how to use a technology tool just a little bit better. Wildcard Wednesday is when I share fun, exciting projects from teachers around the world. You’ll find yourself inspired not only by the projects but by the remarkable attitude of the teachers sharing them. - On Thought Leader Thursday you’ll hear from researchers and thought leaders about the big picture trends and learn how to apply them in your classroom today. 5 Idea Friday carries forward a popular idea from my newsletter (see www.coolcatteacher.com/newsletter) to give you five ideas you can apply right now in your classroom. This is a perfect episode to listen to while you’re writing out your lesson plans or co-planning with your teachers. Plus, I’m pulling out all the links and the transcript for you. A full transcript of this show and the show notes are available at www.coolcatteacher.com/podcast as well as details on this month’s giveaway contest to win a MakerBot mini replicator 3D! I use this printer in my classroom and love it! Finally, to celebrate the launch, I’m hosting lots of giveaways for books, software, and technology. The best in the business have partnered with me to make the launch of the 10 Minute Teacher extra special for all of you teachers out there. I’m Vicki Davis, the Cool Cat Teacher, and I’m here to help all of you K-12 teachers out there understand just how remarkable you are and to help you be even more remarkable. Let’s enjoy this journey together!

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