Not *That* Kind of Gay (feat. Jeffrey Masters!)

Guys, remember when "Will and Grace" was all we had? Remember how there's so little representation out there for us in the mainstream, that "Will and Grace" is like, still the only thing we point to when referencing gay entertainment? This week, the Thots delve into queer representation, and how the "Will and Grace Effect" has permeated our queer lives, for better or worse.Also joining us is special guest-thot Jeffrey Masters, host of the LGBTQ&A podcast! We play a thotty little game of Swipe Left/Swipe Right with Jeffrey, swiping cultural forms as if they were on a dating app. (Spoiler! One of the Thots hates Oprah). Also, Jeffrey tells us an agonizing Impure Thot story about being the third and a whole lot of nonsense that entails. Tune in!

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