Ep. 130 - Salomondrin's Let's Talk About Cars YO

What's happening my sexiest mofos!? In this week's podcast, we brought in special guest Spencer Berke (@thatphotographer) to talk about all things social media in the car community and how he's used his connections to strategically leverage his own businesses and achieve his goals. In addition, we discussed several topics provided by the community on Salomondrin.com. Here's what went down: What cars do we despise, and would we reconsider if gasoline was free? (@Szolnokiati); Will we be doing another Bangin' Gears? (@ghostrider); Does Lamborghini still act like Ferrari? (@JohnGeo); Man jumps on top of Aventador SV and runs across it!; Is the Nissan GTR a competitor or is it just Smoke and Mirrors?; Has the Holy Trinity now been outclassed by the new batch of supercars?!; Are Luxury SUV's just a fad or are they here to stay?; FARSHAD'S GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS!

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