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Why actor Robert Wagner is now a 'person of interest" in Natalie Wood's deathFeb 05, 2018 Listen
Hollywood star Jim Carrey suicide-lover forged STD claims! Bombshell in murder of gorgeous DJ!Feb 02, 2018 Listen
Teen girl body found hidden under leaves beside tennis court - Plus: Serial killer stalking women in NC small town?Feb 01, 2018 Listen
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Dad daughter duo in mom’s ‘suicide’ Plus: Gorgeous Alabama mom's sexy double life leads to murder?Jan 30, 2018 Listen
Mom gets traffic stop, cops find dead tot boy in trunk! Uber driver danger!? And did missing teen witness murder?Jan 29, 2018 Listen
'Kayak killer' demands victim's life insurance payout; police finally identify dead child found in Cleveland backyardJan 26, 2018 Listen
Shocking cause of death of tot girl, Mariah WoodsJan 25, 2018 Listen
Mom ignores baby's severe bath burns; Girlfriend chops up boyfriend; Woman disappears during Graceland pilgrimageJan 24, 2018 Listen
Secrets buried under California 'house of horrors'? Mom murdered for secret online life? Facebook selfie puts girl in prison! Jan 23, 2018 Listen
Hollywood sex abuse showdown with Mom: Corey Haim's mom disputes Corey Feldman's claimJan 22, 2018 Listen
Details of torture & abuse revealed in California house of horrorsJan 19, 2018 Listen
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Can an undertaker sell your body parts? You might want to check! 13 kids suffer parents' house of horrorsJan 17, 2018 Listen
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Would you LITERALLY kill for NBA tickets? PLUS: Bigamist marries mom, then her teen daughter, then racy photos!Jan 11, 2018 Listen
Gypsy Rose Blanchard explains Munchhausen mom's murder & the odd disappearance of Courtney RolandJan 10, 2018 Listen
Spider-Man, Thor, Ironman creator accused of sex assault & Mom charged in infant girl’s deathJan 09, 2018 Listen
NFL heiress glass purse attack on stranger and New Year’s Eve teen murder rampageJan 08, 2018 Listen
Mom says she killed girl because she was too busy to handle daughter; Dogs left to freeze in arctic blastJan 05, 2018 Listen
“Pet” dogs found gnawing rib-bone of gorgeous young owner, Plus: Nude photos of patient taken in surgeryJan 04, 2018 Listen
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Female Google software pro found dead, naked AND confessions of a womb-raider KillerDec 14, 2017 Listen
Exclusive: Husband is 'done talking' about Missy Bevers' murderDec 13, 2017 Listen
Exclusive: Nancy Grace talks to lawyer who filed sex assault lawsuits against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein & director Brian SingerDec 12, 2017 Listen
Tot mom Casey Anthony launches legal battle after she’s acquitted in tot-daughters murderDec 11, 2017 Listen
Prosecutor: Dentist charged in toddler's death hired hit man to kill boy's momDec 08, 2017 Listen
Mom charged with delaying son's medical care after suspicious injury; 10-year-old victim of 'bullycide'Dec 07, 2017 Listen
Mariah Woods update: Investigators await autopsy report before filing more charges in toddler's deathDec 06, 2017 Listen
Explosive documents detail 3-year-old Mariah Woods alleged sex abuse before tot found dead in creek, CLAIMS mommy knewDec 05, 2017 Listen
Mom's boyfriend charged with dumping Mariah Woods in creek; Toddler's dad talks again to NancyDec 04, 2017 Listen
Gorgeous young American cruise ship star found dead - investigation bungled?Dec 01, 2017 Listen
Missing Mariah's dad speaks again to Nancy; Who is Tampa's serial killer? Kim Kardashian helps child sex slaveNov 30, 2017 Listen
SPECIAL: Dad of missing tot girl Mariah Woods breaks down, ‘Baby, come home. Daddy loves you!’ PLUS: Is the Tampa serial killer nightmare over? Nov 29, 2017 Listen
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Thanksgiving Murder Mystery: Natalie Woods was murdered, says Natalie’s Bond Girl sister Lana WoodsNov 23, 2017 Listen
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Will $100,000 reward buy Tampa Serial killer's name? Mom killer complains about 10 year prison sentence; new charges in Penn State hazingNov 17, 2017 Listen
STALKING IS NOT ROMANTIC: 4 women murdered by love-obsessed stalkers Nov 16, 2017 Listen
Another Tampa serial killer victim! Dad dead after teens toss rocks onto road; Vet dies as nurses laughNov 15, 2017 Listen
Two serial killers stalk Florida cities, message scrawled in victim’s bloodNov 14, 2017 Listen
Mommy goes missing, cracking hubby's secret computer code wide open Nov 13, 2017 Listen
Jodi Arias kills lover, defense lawyer Kirk Nurmi speaks out & Navy vet murders teen girl, Ashanti Billie Nov 10, 2017 Listen
Surveillance video of Kidnap-Mom Sherri Papini darting across parking lot just released & boxer fakes own death in desert to sting killer-wifeNov 09, 2017 Listen
Hollywood honcho Harvey Weinstein indictment? Texas Cheerleader dumped at ER, mysteriously diesNov 08, 2017 Listen
Texas church killer started with torturing animals & Filthy rich investor sued for luring women on Instagram, assaulting in “dungeon”Nov 07, 2017 Listen
Nancy explores the Texas church massacre & Was teen's death a 'bucket list' murderNov 06, 2017 Listen
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Husband murders wife to 'date other people?' Son murders mom when she says 'turn down Jimi Hendrix'Nov 02, 2017 Listen
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Tot mom Casey Anthony TV offers? Baby Caylee visits grandpa George Anthony after she's murdered. Oct 31, 2017 Listen
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Tot-girl left for coyotes by dad? Are bone remains of American tourist Robyn Gardner? Help us ID Little boy!Oct 24, 2017 Listen
‘Drunk’ Kim Kardashian look-a-like kills mother of six just visiting her preemie-twin-girls : CopsOct 23, 2017 Listen
Man blames cough syrup for stabbing wife 123 times & Child killed when 325-lbs woman sits Oct 20, 2017 Listen
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Wife reveals Vegas massacre terror, how hero-husband saved her & her search for mystery manOct 05, 2017 Listen
"Foxy Knoxy" Amanda Knox 6 years free after roomies brutal murderOct 04, 2017 Listen
What triggered Las Vegas massacre? Florida teacher charged with abusing autistic boyOct 03, 2017 Listen
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Shocking turn in mystery surrounding murder of 2nd grade teacher after home "bleached" clean, and mother-in-law runs down son-in-law after he exposes sex affairSep 28, 2017 Listen
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With one toe in the Oval Office, political honcho gets jail time PERV on minor girl. PLUS Library visits lead to murder charge, and 'demon-possessed' kid evictedSep 25, 2017 Listen
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Updates on discovered remains: Natalee Holloway & Chase MassnerAug 28, 2017 Listen
Cult arrests, Slender Man guilty plea & submarine murder mysteryAug 25, 2017 Listen
Mom who lost 2 sons to opioid epidemic talks to NancyAug 24, 2017 Listen
Black Widow denied bond & Cops: Mom leaves tots to die in hot car as ‘punishment’Aug 23, 2017 Listen
Baby's ashes confused with pet & moms charged with infant abuseAug 22, 2017 Listen
Back to school: Teacher has student's baby & snorting coke in pick up lineAug 21, 2017 Listen
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Few clues & many questions in Georgia beheading cold caseAug 10, 2017 Listen
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Taylor Swift won't shake it off! Singer to testify in groping caseAug 08, 2017 Listen
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Duke Univ. junior home for summer, vanishesMay 16, 2017 Listen
Is Aaron Hernandez suicide note real or was NFL star murdered?May 15, 2017 Listen
Missed Mother’s Day Call is first sign daughter’s goneMay 12, 2017 Listen
School massacre foiled: Armed teen caught with ‘hit list’May 11, 2017 Listen
Adrian Jones: ‘The boy who was fed to pigs’May 10, 2017 Listen
Poor little rich boy: Conrad Hilton’s in trouble againMay 09, 2017 Listen
Fraternity hazing: ‘Brothers’ ignore dying Penn State pledge?May 08, 2017 Listen
Molly Matheson murder: Texts lead to suspect in TCU strangulationMay 05, 2017 Listen
’Tot Mom’ & Baby: What’s wrong with this picture?May 04, 2017 Listen
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