Ep 064: Teaching Kids Kindness with The Ruth Experience

We all desire for our kids to be kind. We want them to know what respect is and understand how to genuinely treat others with that respect. And that can be a tough thing to teach our kids, especially when we look at society today and see all the bullying and disrespect in the world. Fostering kindness starts in the home, between parents and among siblings. Once that kindness is established, kids will step outside of their little bubbles and respect others with a greater understanding of what it means. They can grow in kindness towards their friends, as well as those they have differences with. And it is such a beautiful thing to watch them grow in! It's like planting a seed and then it grows. Kristin, Kendra, and Julie are the founders of The Ruth Experience,  which is all about living out authentic faith, fostering positive community, intentional living, and also living really generously. They teach women how to be kind to others and how they can teach their kids to be kind. It's not really about the acts of kindness or even what it's doing for the other person that you're affecting. It's that it's changing your mindset to get into the habit of just always having that “giving” state of mind that will become apart of your kids lives too! Everything I talk about in this episode can be found here: http://alliecasazza.com/shownotes/064

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