Dan Patrick - Why he left ESPN and issues with 'one and done'

Today's episode features a fascinating conversation with Dan Patrick. Dan gives an intimate look into what made him decide - literally surprising himself at the moment he was about to sign a multi-year renewal - to leave ESPN and the great love he has for his family and his team. Cal Cast is delivered by FedEx. See how FedEx can help your business save time on shipping. Visit fedex.com/ecommerce In addition to FedEx, thank you to Blue Apron, Papa John's and ZipRecruiter who have the following special offers for our listeners: Blue Apron - Your first three meals are free with free shipping at blueapron.com/coach Papa John's - Check out Papa John's new Bacon Cheddar or Wisconsin Cheese stuffed cheesesticks for only $5 at www.papajohns.com or via the Papa John's app. ZipRecruiter - Post your job for free at Ziprecruiter.com/coachcal Don't forget to subscribe and rate/review the show so you'll have future episodes - including the one featuring Rick Pitino - on your device the moment it's released! Cal Cast is presented in partnership with Midroll. www.midroll.com

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