Ep67 - Patrick Wayne Kearney

In the 1970s, Patrick Wayne Kearney would target homosexual men, murdering as many as 28 and maybe even into the 40s. Whatever the true number is, Kearney is one of the most prolific serial killers in US history. Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss this less known but extremely prolific serial killers. Kearney would develop his MO over time which would include dismemberment and the use of trashbags to dispose of the body parts. This would lead to the press dubbing him "The Trashbag Killer". Kearney also developed a fascination with other serial killers including Dean Corll. He would study them extensively.You can help support the show by going to patreon.com/truecrimeallthetimeVisit the show's website at truecrimeallthetime.com for contact and merchandise information.Help support our sponsor Havenly! Go to havenly.com and use the promo code TCATT to get 25% off your design package. Let Havenly help you design the room of your dreams.Credits:Writing/Research - Maggie Dobschuetz

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