25- Sister Wives, Big Love & Warren Jeffs with Realitv Podcast (Part 2)

On this 2nd installment we talk to Jodie from Realitv Podcast about TLC's Sister Wives, HBO's Big Love (RIP Bill Paxton and his butt) and the grand daddy of polygamy Warren Jeffs (ewww). Special Announcement: Come join us in May when we launch Moms On The Rocks Podcast. We discuss being moms, marriages, divorce, friendships, career crisis and everything in between.  To Find Jodie: Instagram www.instagram.com/realitvpod Twitter www.twitter.com/realitvpod or join her Orchard of Snark on Facebook! Check out Sip & Shine website for more articles on history, mysteries and scandals along with person essays. www.sipandshinepodcast.com  Follow us on Twitter www.twittter.com/sipshinepod Follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/sipshinepod Follow us on Instagram www.facebook.com/sipshinepod Facebook Groups www.facebook.com/groups/sipshinepodlounge Bonus Episodes on Patreon www.patreon.com/sipshinepod   Check out People Are Wild Podcast! Kim is an intrepid nurse who likes to talk a bit too much as you will explore medical cases and topics in a way that only an ER nurse can. Find on where you found this podcast or follow her on Twitter: www.twitter.com/peoplearewild   **All clips, music, covers, basically anything not Carrie's voice is strictly for entertainment purposes only.**

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