Maria Gutierrez of FreeAgent, Designed to Demystify Accounting for Freelancers and Small Businesses: Women in Tech ScotlandFeb 21, 2017 Listen
Ali King of FanDuel, Making Sports More Exciting, In Any Way, Shape or Form: Women in Tech ScotlandFeb 20, 2017 Listen
Sharon Moore of IBM, Using Technology to Innovate in Travel & Transportation: Women in Tech ScotlandFeb 17, 2017 Listen
Niamh Bushnell of Startup Dublin, The First Dublin Commissioner for Startups: Women in Tech IrelandFeb 16, 2017 Listen
Tanya Grimson of maven46, Editorially Led Data-Driven Publishing House and Creative Studio: Women in Tech IrelandFeb 15, 2017 Listen
Ann O’Dea of Silicon Republic, The ‘Go To’ Destination for Those Seeking to be Informed on All Things Tech and Innovation: Women in Tech IrelandFeb 14, 2017 Listen
Megan McGee of Make Apps & HelpHer, Connecting Humans in Crisis to the Resources They Need: Women in TechFeb 13, 2017 Listen
Avital Ungar of Avital Tours, A Progressive Dining Experience: Women in TechFeb 08, 2017 Listen
Ambar Januel of Januel & Johnson, Voice of the Next Generation: Women in TechFeb 07, 2017 Listen
Sirla of SprayPainter, Easily Transfer Images From Your Smartphone Onto Walls: Women in Tech EstoniaFeb 03, 2017 Listen
Maarja Motus, Making the World a Better Place Through Design: Women in Tech EstoniaFeb 02, 2017 Listen
Laura Reid, Traveling the World and Producing Amazing Content: Women in Tech CanadaFeb 01, 2017 Listen
Anna Agafonova of Fortumo, Carrier Billing for App Stores and Digital Media: Women in Tech EstoniaJan 31, 2017 Listen
Naomi Freeman of Dogpatch Labs, Accelerating Ireland's Startup Ecosystem: Women in Tech IrelandJan 30, 2017 Listen
Heather McArdle of Bank of Ireland Trinity, Connects Entrepreneurs By Offering Free Space for Co-Working, Seminars, Clinics and Events: Women in TechJan 27, 2017 Listen
Catherine Downes of Usheru, Your Cinema App For Listings, Tickets, Offers And Unique Film Events: Women in TechJan 26, 2017 Listen
Lisa Ruttledge of FoodMarble, The World's First Personal Digestive Tracker: Women in TechJan 25, 2017 Listen
Andreea Wade of Opening, A Tech Recruitment Filter That Works: Women in TechJan 24, 2017 Listen
Claire McHugh of Axonista, Powering Real-Time Interactive Video Graphics For The World's Leading TV Companies: Women in TechJan 23, 2017 Listen
Valerie Afanasyeva of Mikahelps, Easy-to-Use Platform For You to Connect With Local Helpers or Become One: Women in TechJan 13, 2017 Listen
Janika Liiv of Clan Beat & Tech Sisters, Talent Knows No Gender: Women in TechJan 12, 2017 Listen
Kelli Kiipus of Spring Hub, Community of Professionals From Wide Areas Supporting Each Other: Women in TechJan 11, 2017 Listen
Marika Graudina of Techstars, A Global Startup Ecosystem: Women in TechJan 10, 2017 Listen
Jacqueline Sly of Jet Propulsion Laboratory, National Research Facility That Carries Out Robotic Space and Earth Science Missions: Women in TechJan 09, 2017 Listen
Enelin Paas of Spring Hub, Co-Working Space Bringing Together Entrepreneurial People With an Innovative and Global Mindset: Women in TechJan 06, 2017 Listen
Shirin Laor-Raz Salemnia of PlayWerks & WhizGirls Academy, Advocate for Women in Gaming: Women in TechJan 05, 2017 Listen
Kaidi Ruusalepp of Funderbeam, Marketplace Where Growth Companies Are Funded and Traded Across Borders: Women in TechJan 04, 2017 Listen
Sky Kelley of Avisare, Committed to Creating a B2B Ecosystem Where Everyone Can Grow Their Business: Women in TechJan 03, 2017 Listen
Marianne Vikkula of Slush, Europe’s Leading Startup Event: Women in TechJan 02, 2017 Listen
Rachael King of Ellephant Partners, Telling Stories of Underrepresented Founders: Women in TechDec 30, 2016 Listen
Nelli Lahteenmaki of YOU-app, Small Steps for a Happier, Healthier You: Women in TechDec 29, 2016 Listen
Ieva Upeniece of TechChill - The Oldest, Loudest and Coolest Annual Startup and Tech Insider Event in Latvia: Women in TechDec 28, 2016 Listen
Rachael McCrary of Jewel Toned, Disrupting the Shapewear Category: Women in TechDec 27, 2016 Listen
Inka Mero of Pivot5, Creating New, Agile and Transformational Businesses: Women in TechDec 26, 2016 Listen
Katelyn O'Shaughnessy of TripScope, Travel Agent In Your Pocket: Women in TechDec 22, 2016 Listen
Egita Polanska of Startup Wise Guys, Leading B2B Startup Accelerator in Europe: Women in TechDec 21, 2016 Listen
Chako Fairbanks of Farmbox, The Most Affordable Farm-To-Table Food Delivery Service: Women in TechDec 20, 2016 Listen
Annika Salak of Leansite, Bringing Together All Aspects of Construction Production On Site: Women in TechDec 19, 2016 Listen
Leila Najafi, Transitioning from Corporate to the Tech World: Women in TechDec 15, 2016 Listen
Espree Devora of WeAreLATech, Hustling to Make LA the Top Destination for Tech and Innovation: Women in TechDec 14, 2016 Listen
Lisa Mae Brunson of Wonder Women Tech, Conferences That Highlight, Educate, and Celebrate Women and Diversity: Women in TechDec 13, 2016 Listen
Stephanie Alys of MysteryVibe, Creating the Complete Pleasure Experience Through Technology: Women in TechDec 12, 2016 Listen
Krisztina 'Z' Holly of MAKE IT IN LA, Connecting The Largest Community Of Makers And Manufacturers In The Nation: Women in TechDec 08, 2016 Listen
Claire Heaslip of All Things Healthie, Attracting Investment With Just a WireframeDec 07, 2016 Listen
Haritha Ramesh of UpGuard, Life of a Software Engineer Intern: Women in TechDec 05, 2016 Listen
Lisa Magill of Equity Directory, Where Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and Startup Talent Come Together to Exchange Work for Equity: Women in TechDec 01, 2016 Listen
Jenny Q. Ta of VC Network, Connecting Venture Capital Firms With Entrepreneurs: Women in TechNov 30, 2016 Listen
Ivka Adam of Iconery, The Ultimate Online Destination For Jewelry Fanatics: Women in TechNov 29, 2016 Listen
Julie Gendrano of UpGuard, Graduating from a Coding Bootcamp and Starting Over: Women in TechNov 28, 2016 Listen
Miki Reynolds of General Assembly, Fostering a Flourishing Community of Professionals Pursuing Careers They Love: Women in TechNov 22, 2016 Listen
Allyssa Eclarin of UpGuard, From Designer to Front End Developer: Women in TechNov 21, 2016 Listen
Rachel Upshaw Founder of Fortune Movie, 1st Crowdfortune Movie Studio : Women in Tech Nov 18, 2016 Listen
Jill Kyte of UpGuard, VP of Marketing 'Finding the Voice of the Customer': Women in TechNov 14, 2016 Listen
Kasey Edwards of Helpr, The Premier Mobile App For Screened Babysitters On-Demand: Women in TechNov 11, 2016 Listen
Michelle Jensen of Nerd Out, The Only App Uniting Nerds IRL at Curated Events Near You: Women in TechNov 10, 2016 Listen
Rachel Horning of BizFed & Startups in the Sky, Strengthening the Voice of Business, Elevating the DTLA Tech Ecosystem: Women in TechNov 09, 2016 Listen
Carmen Palafox or Make in LA, on being an Investor in Hardware: Women in TechNov 08, 2016 Listen
Ajoke Salaudeen of UpGuard, Becoming a Software Engineer and Relocating to Mountain View from Abroad : Women in TechNov 07, 2016 Listen
Arlene Ducao of Multimer, Better Decisions Based on Human Signals: Women in TechNov 04, 2016 Listen
Vanessa Ronan of Decorator, From Full Time Engineer to Female Founder: Women in TechNov 03, 2016 Listen
Reema Dutt of Luminoustudios, Branded Video Content for Startups: Women in TechNov 02, 2016 Listen
Espree Devora of WeAreLATech, Actionable Empowerment: Women in TechNov 01, 2016 Listen