Boogie Cousins: NBA Champion featuring @YC

First ballot Twitter Hall of Fame user and one half of "No Losses" @YC joined the program to talk a variety of topics ranging from music to the Knicks. We recorded that from 2pm Monday July 2, 2018, until 4pm July 2, 2018. Then we went home, prepared for the holiday, ate some dinner, laughed with friends, and the world decided to change FOREVER after DeMarcus Cousins decided to take a minuscule bag to join the Golden State Warriors because why the fuck not? This is, undoubtedly, the most chaotic timeline we could possibly be living in. Withers and the Mick Man try to build a team that could beat the Warriors while wondering why people love the Dream Team but hate seeing a better version of them that happen to play more games. Four hours just for you and your holiday voyages. Stay safe out there.

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