Kobe Bryant Slander Appreciation Hour #1

The Lakers retired two numbers for Kobe Bryant last night, so we decided it would only be fair to roast that doberman pincher faced bum for approximately 40 minutes or so because we can and it would be nothing more than propaganda if the entire day was just one long jerk fest of the guy who literally tried to force his way to the pre-Blake Griffin Clippers just because he was having one of his many temper tantrums. The at best 17th greatest player of all time (at the time of his retirement) was celebrated across the web yesterday and frankly it made us sick, so kindly join us for the other side of the tale. The right side of history. I'm labeling this "The Kobe Bryant Slander Appreciation Hour #1" because I can only assume this is the first of many times we do something like this. Feels like a great time to remind everyone that we are not, I repeat NOT, here to argue. Thank you.

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