Volume 30

It's a Friday. There's a new Thug tape out. Gucci Mane is an accomplished author. And you have a brand new Mickstape for your ear holes. It simply does not get much better than that. Kevin Durant's leaving comments on Youtube, Stephen Jackson is roasting Kevin Durant for acting out on the world wide web, Future and Cher are doing fuego GAP commercials. The world is in a weird place right now to say the very least. Me and Tyler hit on about 12 win total over/unders just for shits and giggles because we can and like to help you make money in the future. We also debuted a new segment that isn't named in the show but I'm making the executive decision to name right here and now: Tyler Rants About Luka Doncic Being Overhyped For Approximately Three (3) Minutes. Enjoy. Catch y'all on Tuesday.

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