Morning News: A government shutdown deadline is now just 3 days away. CBS says former chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves will not get the $120 million severance payment his contract called for.Dec 18, 2018 Listen
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Morning News: Police in Colorado are offering a 25,000 dollar reward for information to help find missing mom. In Yemen, there could be a major move toward peace in a conflict the U.N. calls the world's greatest humanitarian crisis.Dec 17, 2018 Listen
Morning News: New information ties President Trump to his campaign's efforts to silence women who claim they had sex with him. The Senate is calling for Saudi Arabia to face consequences for the killing of Jamal Khashoggi.Dec 14, 2018 Listen
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Morning News: New details on the rescue of three people stranded in a West Virginia coal mine. The closest confidant to turn against President Trump is going to prison.Dec 13, 2018 Listen
Morning News: A dramatic political standoff in Britain could bring down the government of America?s closest ally. An intense manhunt in France has turned up no sign of the gunman in what?s being called a terror attack.Dec 12, 2018 Listen
Hall of Fame CBS Sports Broadcaster Verne Lundquist Shares Highlights of his Half-Century CareerDec 12, 2018 Listen
Morning News: Millions of people across the south face another dangerous commute after a pre-winter storm. Police in New York are investigating a violent confrontation between officers and a mother holding her young child.Dec 11, 2018 Listen
Grammy Winner Alessia Cara on the Musical Remedy to Her Growing PainsDec 11, 2018 Listen
Morning News: A devastating weekend snowstorm has crippled parts of the southeast. President Trump is looking for a new chief of staff.Dec 10, 2018 Listen
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Morning News: More than 50 million Americans will find themselves in the path of a huge weekend storm. President Trump announces his pick for Attorney General and U.N. Ambassador. Dec 07, 2018 Listen
Bringing Music to Skid RowDec 06, 2018 Listen
Morning News: At least one U.S. Marine has died in Japan after a mid-air collision. U.S.A. Gymnastics is filing for bankruptcy protectionDec 06, 2018 Listen
President George H. W. Bush's grandchildren remember their GampyDec 05, 2018 Listen
Morning News: The nation honors President George H.W. Bush with a state funeral this morning. A security guard is under arrest in Costa Rica in connection to the disappearance of a tourist from Florida.Dec 05, 2018 Listen