"Still Processing" podcast hosts on "unsettling" Charlottesville violenceAug 18, 2017 Listen
Spanish police kill five suspected terrorists overnight after a second car attack on pedestrians. Maryland removes another statue linked to white supremacy overnight, while Georgia reconsiders the massive Confederate monument at Stone Mountain.Aug 18, 2017 Listen
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A CBS News poll out this morning finds 67 percent of Republicans approve of President Trump's response to the Charlottesville violence. Hundreds turn out for a peace vigil in Charlottesville, retracing the path of a white supremacist march.Aug 17, 2017 Listen
Bob Odenkirk on his "complicated" character in "Better Call Saul"Aug 16, 2017 Listen
Baltimore moves quickly overnight to remove four Confederate monuments. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the U.S. is still interested in a dialogue with North Korea, but it is up to Kim Jong Un to make that happen.Aug 16, 2017 Listen
President Trump's chief political strategist Steve Bannon could be out of the White House within days. Taylor Swift is promising to help victims of sexual assault after winning her civil suit against a former radio host who she says groped her.Aug 15, 2017 Listen
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Crowds across the country denounce white supremacists and mourn a woman killed in an apparent car attack. Attorney General Jeff Sessions joins us with how the Justice Department plans to investigate.Aug 14, 2017 Listen
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President Trump says the U.S. military is locked and loaded. Google's CEO is speaking out after the tech giant canceled a town hall meeting intended to address a controversial memo by a former employee.Aug 11, 2017 Listen
The People's Supper on how a shared meal can help foster meaningful conversation with diverse groups. Aug 11, 2017 Listen
North Korea tells the world when and how it would launch missiles toward the American territory of Guam. There are new details this morning surrounding the FBI raid of one of Paul Manafort's homes.Aug 10, 2017 Listen
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North Korea threatens to attack the American territory of Guam. We celebrate the musical life of legendary guitarist and country singer Glen Campbell.Aug 09, 2017 Listen
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A new CBS News poll shows nearly three quarters of Americans are uneasy about a possible conflict with North Korea and President Trump's ability to handle it. A manhunt is underway in Missouri for a former convict who police say killed an officer.Aug 08, 2017 Listen
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