316: Is Seth Godin’s 5 Step Marketing Framework Right For You w/ Seth Godin

If there is one person synonymous with marketing excellence, it is Seth Godin.   Godin has written 18 bestselling books including Permission Marketing and Purple Cow. I had the exciting opportunity to discuss his recent book This is Marketing. “It's very easy for us to think we live in this mass market world, but we don't. We live in a micro market world,” says Godin. For Godin, marketing is the art of hitting the smallest viable audience. Like developers who attempt to create the minimal viable product to ship, targeting the smallest viable audience forces a marketer to sharpen their messaging to attract just those customers. Here’s what we’re unpacking today: The origin of flipping the funnel. Positioning as a service. Marketing isn’t about marketing spend. This is Marketing: The Five-Step Marketing Framework. Sangram's Summary. Seth’s Challenge.

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