301: Building a Culture That Can Take You Public w/ Godard Abel

A lot of entrepreneurs dream of ringing the bell. You’ve poured your blood, sweat, and tears into your venture. Finally, it’s going public. But to get to that point, you’ve got to overcome a lot of challenges. In today’s marketplace, you can spin up a new business in minutes. Gone are the days that required raising millions just to get your app up and running. The challenge is no longer about getting started. It’s about breaking through the noise.
And one of the keys to doing that is building a fantastic culture. That’s what Godard Abel came on the latest #FlipMyFunnel podcast to talk about. Godard is currently Co-Founder and CEO at G2 Crowd, a leading B2B review platform. We talked about leveraging your brand to scale, connecting your employees to your mission, and defining your culture in a way that’s memorable, repeatable, and portable. Check it out.

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