294: Flashback - How to Measure ABM Success w/ Masha Finkelstein

What if you modeled the way you made friends after account-based marketing? Crazy, right? Maybe not. I recently chatted with Masha Finkelstein and asked her this very question. Her answer was incredibly insightful. Say you just moved to a new town, you don’t know anybody, and are looking to make friends.  You never know if you’re going to be close friends with somebody, so you take the ABM approach. First, you figure out your ideal friend profile. You identify a set of interests, hobbies, or traits that you desire in a friend. Second, you look through your “network” of acquaintances to see which of the people in that group have those traits that you’re looking for. Third, you talk to them. You talk to their friends. You show them that you have those same traits. Instead of talking to 100 people, you zero in on the people who match the traits you desire in a friend. Lastly, you see which of those people have the intent of making new friends, and begin to explore things beyond your initial shared interests. The big question in ABM, as well as life, is really quite simple:

Are you creating deeper relationships with the right people? Listen to my conversation with Masha by clicking the link in the first comment.

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