234: Do your SDRs talk to your Customer Success team? w/ Ryan Vitello

Can you name the only two customer-facing roles in your business? Your sales development team and your customer success team. But how often do they intentionally work together to better serve your clientele? While both teams are constantly in communication with your customers, they’re rarely in communication with one another. This is something our team at Terminus noticed and wanted to change. Ryan Vitello is a sales development manager at Terminus who is constantly looking for new ways to bring the two customer-facing roles together. He’s seen the harmony and magic that can happen firsthand. Sales development reps are the first interaction your potential customers will have with your brand. While your customer success team are those who are maintaining, nurturing, and growing those relationships. Together, SD and CS have such a wealth of knowledge of what customers care about, what’s working for them, and what doesn’t work for them… imagine what could happen if they shared that?

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