231: 3 Ways to Challenge Your Marketing Team to Drive the Only Metric That Matters w/ Karen Steele

Everyone owns revenue. It’s not sales job, it’s our job. The silos of organizations have to be destroyed in order for us all to get back to the one thing that drives our business: revenue growth. Partnering with the entire organization to create #OneTeam driven toward one goal, regardless of your department, is every leader’s responsibility, says Karen Steele, CMO at LeanData. Karen’s seen it all in her incredibly B2B marketing career: she’s rallied marketing teams to drive company growth as a senior executive at Marketo, VMware, Informatica, and Xactly. Before these, she worked at Next. (Yeah, that Next, with that guy, Steve Jobs.) Karen delivered a powerful message at the #FlipMyFunnel conference, and we captured the entire thing on our #FlipMyFunnel podcast.

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