207: Could a Freelancer Replace Your Full-Time Staff Member?

If current trends in independent contracting continue, 50% of the workforce will be comprised of freelancers by 2027. Is your company ready for this? According to the Freelancing America survey, the freelance workforce grew at a rate 3x faster than the U.S. workforce overall since 2014. And can you guess who’s driving that change? That’s right, Millennials. It’s a modern workforce, and it’s a good one. You can take advantage of this marketplace to make your business more efficient and effective. My guest on the #FlipMyFunnel podcast today is Susan Marshall. She worked at Adobe, Apple, and Salesforce before becoming the CEO of Torchlight. She’s an expert when it comes to connecting businesses with on-demand marketing professionals. So how can we take advantage of this evolving workforce?

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