206: The 3 Steps You Need To Launch Your ABM Strategy w/ Elle Woulfe

If you’re starting your ABM strategy with the M in ABM before the A, you’re doing it wrong. Elle Woulfe is the VP of marketing at PathFactory where she helps marketers optimize the path to purchase. When it came to building their ABM process, she’s quick to admit that her team stumbled into, what is now, an agile approach to ABM. She embarked on the ABM process in the first place when she noticed a bad funnel conversion at PathFactory. While they had lots of people in the funnel and were pretty good at getting them to commit to a meeting, they struggled with moving them down the funnel. People would just fall out. Thankfully, PathFactory has always been a company that believed in breaking off a little piece at a time to iterate it, rather than jump into big changes. So they took that healthy habit to figure out how to move the company into a 100% target account selling model.

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