113: Working in Love Vs. Working in Fear

I believe we act out of two different ways to every situation in life: Out of love or out of fear. Let me explain. In fear, you play the short game. You’re focused on very short-term goals to please others, and you’re afraid to take risks.  Self-protection and survival are your priorities that are rooted in insecurity. In love, you play the long game.  You’re not afraid to take risks because you realize the possibility of failure is just part of the journey. Selflessness is your priority because you see that giving to others doesn’t take away from yourself! You have a choice to make today. You can choose fear as you walk into your office and home OR you can choose love and truly give it all you have. I promise you that you will sleep well the night you choose to love. This episode will help you determine if you are responding to your life in fear or in love!

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