Eli Olsberg on Being Poly, Physical v. Emotional Jealousy, Compersion, Sex Parties & His Monthly Show at the Pleasure Chest

REALITY BYTES is a show about sex, love, relationships & dating in the digital age, hosted by Courtney Kocak & Steve Hernandez, produced in partnership with JASH. For the 6th episode of season 3, the dynamic duo welcome very funny stand up comedian Eli Olsberg to wax polyamorous about physical v emotional jealousy, whether people are born poly or made poly, compersion, classifying polyamory as an identity or a lifestyle, SEX PARTIES, the surprisingly safe sex of swingers, queerness, biphobia & his monthly show at the Pleasure Chest aptly named Performance Anxiety – plus Courtney tells a story about double dating with a old couple & Steve shares the hype about his dope new career accomplishment (hint: Sarah Silverman). Please rate & review to tell us what you love!

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